CCS Community Engagement Guidelines

Kalev helped guide the social media and analytics-driven components of WRI's new "Guidelines for Community Engagement in Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport, and Storage Projects.". Read the Full Report.

Soundbite University

Featured by ACE's The Presidency, this study traced the changing role of higher education in the national news media over the last half-century and its shift from a newsmaker to a news commentator, suggesting a need for universities to profoundly change the ways in which they interact with the press. Read the Full Study. University […]

Institutional Impact on Women in Engineering

Postsecondary studies of women in the engineering disciplines tend to treat the issues of recruitment, retention, and density of female students as an overarching metric that affects all institutions equally. Samples of doctoral-granting institutions are often used as proxies to make projections regarding the field as a whole, and it is assumed that institutional gender segregation is largely […]

The Scope of FBIS and BBC Open Source Media Coverage 1979-2008

Kalev's latest study, published in the CIA's journal Studies in Intelligence, is titled "The Scope of FBIS and BBC Open Source Media Coverage 1979-2008" and focuses on the history of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service / Open Source Center and BBC Monitoring / Summary of World Broadcasts. For nearly 70 years, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) monitored […]

First International Crisis Mapping Conference (ICCM2009)

Kalev presented a number of talks at the First International Crisis  Mapping Conference (ICCM2009), held at John Carrol University, including "Automated Event Mining: Approaches and Practices" and "Manual Crisis Mapping (MCM) & Automated Crisis Mapping (ACM): Hand-Coding, Participatory Mapping and Natural Language Processing."

New Media vs Old Media: The Drudge Report

Twice featured by Columbia Journalism Review and covered by a wide range of national press, this study traces the evolution of the Drudge Report 2002-2008, using more than 170,000 snapshots taken every 2 minutes, to uncover what makes the site "tick" and how Drudge finds the stories that will go big tomorrow.  The study was […]

Interview with Que Leer Magazine

The influential Spanish cultural magazine Que Leer ("What to Read") recently interviewed Kalev for his thoughts on where the future of the book is heading in an article titled "What will the world of the library look like in 2020? Six experts predict the future." You can read the full interview below in English, excerpts of which […]

Airbrushing History: American Style

Featured in the New York Times and international media, this study traced how key White House press releases were constantly revised over several years, illustrating the ease with which critical government documents can be altered in the digital era. New York Times Article. New York Times Editorial. D-Lib Journal Article. Selected Press Coverage: MSNBC's Countdown […]

The Deeper Story of Google Books and the Open Content Alliance

Featured in Que Leer, the preeminent Spanish cultural magazine, this study was the first to quantitatively compare the Google Books and Open Content Alliance initiatives and uncover a number of unexpected similarities and differences between the projects. Read the Full Study. The study was extensively cited and covered in the popular and academic press.  A […]

Harvard University Conflict Early Warning Workshop

Kalev spoke at Harvard University's Conflict Early Warning Workshop, focusing on how automated coding of the world's open information streams will lead to a revolution in how we understand, map, and forecast conflict.

An OSINT Study of Media Coverage of WorldCom

Just three years into the new millennium, two of the greatest symbols of American capitalism had imploded in a display of corruption and misgovernance. The increasingly internationalized world economy meant the fall of Enron and WorldCom had serious ramifications for foreign investors and markets, and the effects of these events were felt across the globe. As the popular […]

Instant Messaging as a Hypermedium in the Making

The recent rise of Instant Messaging systems as a centerpiece of online communication has brought with it many questions about the role this new medium will play in the communicative sphere. As the medium has evolved, it has grown to subsume many traditional communication technologies, merging their individual capabilities. In this chapter, a cross-section of popular and established […]

Opening of Columbia University's Human Rights Archive

Kalev spoke at Columbia University's Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research Conference before an audience of more than "240 scholars, human rights activists, legal advocates, librarians, and archivists from all over the world" marking the formal opening of Columbia's human rights archives for public access … the official repository for the archives of Amnesty International USA, […]

Office of Naval Research: Federal Funding Exploration System

Together with Alan Craig, Kalev developed this advanced platform which combines a range of open data streams on federal funding opportunities with sophisticated data mining and natural language algorithms to create an end-to-end exploration, analysis, visualization, and alerting service to connect small businesses with potential funding opportunities. Read More.