Tracking Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain Using GDELT Summary

Given the explosion of interest over the past year in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the broader applications of blockchain technology, we thought it would be useful to note that GDELT Summary can be used to track global coverage of any topic, including cryptographic currencies and their underlying technologies. Towards that end, we've […]

DOC & GEO 2.0 API Updates: Full Year Searching And More!

We're excited to announce today a massive upgrade to our DOC and GEO 2.0 API platforms! The DOC 2.0 API can now search up to the past year of coverage, while the GEO 2.0 API can now search up to the previous full week of coverage. By default both APIs still search the same timeframes […]

GDELT Summary Interface Updates

One of the goals of the new GDELT Summary platform is to better understand how to translate GDELT's immense power and the incredibly rich realtime picture it captures of planet earth into something that offers a readily accessible snapshot of global events and narratives without the need for programming experience. From the beginning we designed […]

Updates To The DOC 2.0 API

As we work to extend the searchable date range of the DOC 2.0 API beyond a rolling window of 3 months towards a longer time horizon and look to expand its capabilities based on all of the feedback you've given us, we will also be phasing out some older features that are simply not being used, […]

Using GDELT Summary To Track The Jerusalem Response

Two weeks ago when US President Trump declared that the US would officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, GDELT Summary became a powerful to track the emerging global response in realtime. While the English language press as a whole tended to depict a mass uprising in the making with mass violence breaking out […]

Announcing GDELT Summary

Since the launch of the GDELT DOC 2.0 and GEO 2.0 APIs earlier this year, they've become developer staples for building tools that can gaze across the entire planet, seamlessly bridging geography and language to watch the world in realtime. Yet, as these APIs have found their way into an ever-growing number of communities of […]

SEG 2017: Public Perception Of Fracking

Kalev Leetaru and Hannes Leetaru presented a poster on "Public Perception of Fracking" at the "2017 SEG/SPE Workshop on injection-induced seismicity – intersection of evolving science and regulation" held in Dallas, Texas from November 6-8, 2017. View The Poster.

Web Summit 2017 This Week

Kalev will be speaking this week at Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal at noon on November 8th. Billed as "the largest tech conference in the world," "the best tech conference on the planet" and "Davos for geeks," the conference sees more than 60,000 attendees from over 160 countries. Speakers include a who's who of […]

The Palm Oil Industry: Visualized through Big Data

This study coauthored with Gabriel Thoumi uses data from Bloomberg and other financial databases, a set of PERL scripts and Gephi to visualize the board membership and shareholder networks of the Southeast Asian palm oil and agricultural industry. Two interactive network visualizations allow you to drill down and understand the web of connections governing the […]

GDELT Passes One Billion Articles Processed

We're incredibly excited to announce that GDELT recently passed an incredible milestone: more than one billion global news articles processed. That's in addition to more than one million American television news shows and just over 337 million global news images processed. With the launch of GDELT 3.0 later this year and a massive new portfolio […]

GDELT + Internet Archive = 5.4 Billion URLs And 221TB Of News Content Preserved

In August 2014 GDELT joined the Internet Archive's "No More 404" program to provide a live stream of global news content from local sources in local languages across the world. To date using this feed the Internet Archive has now preserved 5,376,796,849 distinct URLs totaling 221TB of at-risk global news content for perpetuity. We're incredibly excited […]

NPM gdelt-toolkit 0.3.1

James Conkling has released version 0.3.1 of an NPM interface to GDELT. Learn More – NPM Website. Learn More – GitHub.