Introduction The New Television Explorer Top Clips

In addition to the Television Explorer's new Top Terms Word Cloud, we are also excited today to announce the release of the new Top Clips feature, which displays the top 50 matching clips most relevant to your search. The previous version of the Television Explorer only displayed a bulleted list of links to relevant clips, […]

Introducing The Television Explorer Top Terms Word Cloud

We are immensely excited to announce today the latest version of our new Television Explorer, a collaboration with the Internet Archive to explore more than 2 million hours of American television news back to 2009. This new version of the Explorer takes the top 50 most relevant matching clips for any query and computes a […]

Television Explorer: Top Trending Topics

We're tremendously excited to announce today the new Top Trending Topics system of the Television Explorer. Each morning the system scans the full raw closed captioning of all monitored national stations and computes a massive ngram table over all of that material. After more than a week of intensive benchmarking, we've settled on 4-grams (four word ngrams) as […]

What Happens When Fake News Is Real News?

What happens to free speech in a world where a small group of elites decide what is true and what is false in the midst of a million shades of gray? Read The Full Article.

New Research Tool for Visualizing Two Million Hours of Television News

We are immensely excited to announce today the release of a powerful new timeline visualization in collaboration with the Internet Archive's Television News Archive that allows you to visualize American television news coverage of any arbitrary keyword over the last 6 years across more than two million hours totaling 5.7 billion words from 150 stations, […]

How Data And Information Literacy Could End Fake News

Technology alone cannot solve the fake news problem – only through teaching society to be data and information literate can we improve citizens’ ability to interpret the world around them. Read The Full Article.

Identifying Discordant Cybersecurity Terms between English and Russian Speakers

Ashe Magalhaes used GDELT to explore the language and narrative around cyber and crisis escalation between the US and Russia for his Autumn 2016 CS224W Class Project at Stanford University, taught by Jure Leskovec in his project titled "Identifying Discordant Cybersecurity Terms between English and Russian Speakers". Read The Full Paper.

ABC News Live Segment On Fake News

Kalev was interviewed for an ABC News Live story on fake news alongside Pierre Thomas, ABC News' senior justice correspondent. View The Full Story.

Why Stopping 'Fake' News Is So Hard

While it sounds technically easy to block “fake” news, the reality is much more complex, as much of “fake” news is actually unorthodox interpretation of available information. Read The Full Article.