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Network Visualization of Global Refugee Flows

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes, mapping the global flow of refugees through creating geographic networks from GDELT, includes several visualizations exploring the network structure formed by mapping the countries linked most closely in news coverage of the refugee crisis. Read the Full Article. See the BigQuery SQL Queries.


Mapping The Global Flow of Refugees Through News Coverage

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes explores creating geographic networks tracing the global flow of refugees using network co-occurrence analysis to yield a global network map remarkably similar to the official statistics compiled by the United Nations, but updated in realtime.  The underlying BigQuery SQL code and scripts are also available. Read the Full Article.


Do Big Data Results Depend On What Data We Look At?

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes explores the degree to which the results we get from "big data" are truly reflective of genuine social trends or whether they are merely artifacts of the data we look at, using three 200-year digitized book archives as an experiment in miniature. Read the Full Article.


Highlights Of Estonian ICT Day At The World Bank And The Future Of E-Government

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes summaries the highlights of the "Estonian ICT Day" conference at the World Bank and its key findings for the future of E-Government. It was retweeted by the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Kaljurand, the Estonian Embassy in the United States, favorited by Estonian Ambassador to the UK Lauri Bambus, […]


Assessing Turkey's Physical Stability And Societal "Mood"

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes explores how GDELT can be used to assess Turkey's physical stability using the GDELT Event database and various societal-scale emotional dimensions like "tone" and "anxiety" using GDELT GKG's GCAM system. Read the Full Article.     TECHNICAL DETAILS For those interested in running their own analyses for other countries or […]


The World As Seen Through Books: Comparing the Internet Archive, HathiTrust, and Google Books Ngrams Collections

With the proliferation of cheap high-resolution digital imaging hardware and falling storage costs, mass digitization initiatives have gone mainstream, bringing billions of pages of historical material into the electronic era.  Today three of the largest single repositories of digitized books are the Internet Archive, HathiTrust, and Google Books collections.  One of the greatest challenges remains […]


GDELT Makes Appearance at #PeaceHackDC

We're excited that GDELT made an appearance at the #PeaceHackDC hackathon and thrilled that the winning project proposal involves using GDELT to track global hate speech. Learn More.


Knight Foundation Prototype Fund Finalist

Out of 800 submissions to the most recent Knight Foundation Prototype Fund grant call, GDELT was one of just 35 finalists, reflecting the enormous interest GDELT has generated in the journalism world.  GDELT is also among the submissions for the new Knight News Challenge, with a proposal titled "Understanding The World Through Local Eyes: Massive Multilingual […]


Map of Global Climate Change News Coverage

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes includes an interactive CartoDB map visualizing seven months of global coverage of climate change and extreme weather events across 65 languages. (Click to View Map in Full Browser Window) Read the Full Article.


Network Visualization of 2016 Candidate Contextualization Overlap

One of the visualization's in Kalev's latest piece for Forbes involved exploring the network structure around how the 2016 candidates are being contextualized within television news.  Every mention of each of the candidates on major national US television networks August 7 to September 22, 2015 was identified and a list of the words appearing within […]


Trump The Center of the Political Universe

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes explores the 2016 US presidential campaign through the lens of topic analysis and a highly sophisticated and novel network analysis connecting the candidates through the degree of overlap in television reporting contextualization around each candidate. Read the Full Article.


Sanders Now Beating Clinton, Trump Higher Than Ever

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes explores Google web, Google News, and YouTube searches for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, showing an interesting dynamic emerging in the 2016 US presidential race. Read the Full Article.


The Television Debate Wars

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes explores television coverage of the second Republican debate, using mass-scale audio fingerprinting across the Internet Archive's Television News Archive to explore which soundbites and candidates "went viral" on television. Read the Full Article.


The Geographic Limits Of Big Data

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes explores the geographic limits of big data and how it is all too easy for analyses to extrapolate geographic meaning beyond that actually supported by the data they are analyzing. Read the Full Article.

Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge Finalist

Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge Finalist!

We're incredibly excited to announce that GDELT has been selected as one of 44 Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge Finalists!  GDELT's proposal is titled "A Realtime Global Platform for Mapping, Forecasting, and Network Assessment of Wildlife Crime": This platform will make use of the Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) project to monitor, translate, […]