Google I/O 2016: Tracking The Election Through GDELT / Reddit / Wikipedia

In their lively and fast-paced Google I/O 2016 talk, Felipe Hoffa and Jordan Tigani trace mainstream and social media coverage of the 2016 US presidential election through the eyes of GDELT and several other datasets. One particularly striking graph is the timeline below, showing the intensity of mentions of Bernie Sanders in the mainstream media (via […]


Google I/O 2016: Election 2016 The Big Data Showdown

Felipe Hoffa and Jordan Tigani offered a fantastic fast-paced look at Google BigQuery in their session at Google I/O 2016, showcasing how GDELT can be used to understand the media dynamics of Election 2016. Check out their talk below or read their session description. Fast forward to around 17:24 to see the television tracker at work and […]


BBVA: EAGLEs Economic Outlook Annual Report 2016

BBVA's latest report, the EAGLEs Economic Outlook Annual Report 2016, has a wide array of quite fascinating sentiment and other analyses based on GDELT and shows how the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph can be used to dive deeply into complex topics. Read the Full Report.

GDELT 2.0: The Planet in Realtime in 65 Languages and 2,300 Emotions and Themes

Paris, Georgia and Trump Fixes

We recently made three bug fixes to address two geographic issues and one person name extraction issue. Mapping the textual geography of the world's news media is an incredibly difficult task and contextual disambiguation plays a critical role in generating robust results. In some cases the geocoding infrastructure makes use of additional external domain knowledge beyond that contained in […]


CuriousGnu: How The World Sees Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

CuriousGnu used BigQuery put together a set of fantastic maps in CartoDB using GDELT to map the average tone of the media coverage of each country around the world about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, producing some fascinating findings! At the most obvious level, the world's media seems to like Trump a lot less than […]


Opening Keynote Data Summit 2016

Kalev gave the opening keynote of the second day of Data Summit 2016 in New York City last week, speaking on the power of big data to reshape how we understand the world around us. Learn More. Conference Program. Keynote Writeup.


Mapping Global Bias In Facebook's Media List

Kalev's latest Forbes story "Is Facebook's Trending Topics Biased Against Africa And The Middle East?" includes a map of the geographic footprint of the 1,000 media outlets powering Facebook's Trending Topics module, visualizing the tremendous Western bias in the list and the tremendous paucity of outlets in Africa and the Middle East. Read the Article […]


What Facebook's Media List Tells Us About Monitoring News Versus Monitoring Society

Kalev's latest story for Forbes explores how the media list that powers Facebook's Trending Topics module appears to have been constructed as the top 1,000 media properties ranked by total online traffic, necessarily creating an enormous bias towards Western news outlets and the perils of monitoring news versus monitoring society. Read the Full Article.


Is Facebook's Trending Topics Biased Against Africa And The Middle East?

Kalev's latest story for Forbes explores the bias in Facebook's Trending Topics module against news outlets in Africa and the Middle East and offers a cautionary tale to those who would try to quickly build a global media monitoring system from scratch and think it is easy to monitor the whole planet. Read the Full […]


In An Era Of Unlimited Photos What Are We Really Capturing About The World?

Kalev's latest Forbes piece explores how the explosion of mobile phone cameras is generating a world in which Facebook alone hosted more than a quarter trillion photographs in 2013, but what are we really capturing about the world and how will we preserve all of those images into the future? Read The Full Article.


The Future Of Open Access In Academic Publishing

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes, "The Future Of Open Access: Why Has Academia Not Embraced The Internet Revolution?" explores the open access revolution in academic publishing. It was even tweeted by PLOS. Read the Full Article.


AEI: Liberal Vs Conservative Television News Coverage Of Trump

The American Enterprise Institution (AEI) recently published a study in the April 25, 2016 issue of National Review exploring liberal versus conservative television news coverage of Trump's campaign, uncovering some fascinating findings, including that liberal television networks emphasized Trump more heavily than conservative networks in the first half of his campaign, while coverage has become nonpartisan starting […]


Visual Global Knowledge Graph (VGKG) April 2016 Snapshot Dataset

Following in the footsteps of our February snapshot, we're releasing an April 2016 snapshot of the Visual Global Knowledge Graph (VGKG) by popular demand! This snapshot is in CSV format, one Article/Image per row, with the following columns (in order of appearance): DATE. (Timestamp in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format to the nearest 15 minutes when the article […]