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Data Tactics: GDELT-Board and GDELT Country Network Dashboard

This guest post is by Amanda Traud, PhD, Data Scientist at L-3 Data Tactics.   The news media holds a prominent place in our lives. While it may not be as prominent as social media, many of us wake up to, or go to bed with some sort of news outlet, whether it be print, broadcast, or […]


Lux Ebola GDELT+Shipping Maritime Pilot

Lux put together this brief pilot analysis of using their platform to combine GDELT’s ebola and conflict tracking data with live maritime Automatic Identification System (AIS) reporting data to explore the possibility of maritime transportation corridors evolving into a dissemination vector for the disease. Read the Full Report.


Visualizing the Emotions of American Television News

Today we announce the release of an incredibly exciting new dataset: all 540,000 hours of English-language news broadcasts monitored by the Internet Archive back to July 2010 have been processed using the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph (GKG) 2.0 system. Every person, organization, location, and theme has been extracted from the closed captioning of each broadcast, along […]


GDELT at Latin American Journalism Summit

GDELT made an appearance at the Latin American Journalism Summit (Cumbre Latinoamericana de Periodismo) today as a journalistic tool for cataloging and understanding global trends and what’s happening around the world.


Presentation at the United Nations

Kalev spoke on Friday at the United Nations on how GDELT is reshaping our ability to understand global society and the ways in which it can be used for digital diplomacy and the construction of a global dashboard of the world.


Leader Speeches: Assad vs American Presidents

Ever since the unveiling of the GKG 2.0 file format last month, we’ve been inundated with requests to expand GDELT from the news media, human rights reports, and academic literature to include global leader speeches in order to begin computationally exploring the underlying evolutionary arcs, pivots, and psychological processes expressed through the daily speeches of the world’s […]


World Bank: Can the Internet Solve Conflict?

The World Bank published this article yesterday titled “Can the Internet Solve Conflict” that discusses GDELT’s role in cataloging the world’s conflicts. Read the Full Article.


Introducing the Global Content Analysis Measures (GCAM)

Today we mark a truly transformative moment in the history of GDELT. From its public debut a year and a half ago, GDELT has grown at a rate that it is almost impossible to imagine, passing over one million downloads in six months this past August, and finding application across the globe. From its founding, […]


GDELT Appears in Poland’s WPROST

Just a month shy of three years since he appeared onstage in Warsaw, Kalev is making an appearance in Poland once again, this time on the pages of WPROST, one of the most influential weekly news magazines in the nation.  Reporter Grzegorz Lewicki posted this picture to Twitter of the article, which appears in the current […]


History Channel Documentary

GDELT creator Kalev Leetaru is being filmed for an incredibly exciting new documentary to be aired on the History Channel/H2!  We can’t share more details yet until the episode airs, but as someone who has spent his career exploring history through so many lenses, its incredibly exciting to be appearing on the History Channel/H2!  More […]


GDELT in Romanian Big Data Meetup

The Big Data / Data Science Meetup in Cluj-Napoca, Romania recently held a workshop titled “How to think in MapReduce” that used GDELT to explore working with large datasets inside of Apache Hadoop.


Council on Foreign Relations Voices of the Next Generation

Kalev will be speaking later this month at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as part of its Voices of the Next Generation series.  Past speakers have included Gavin Andresen, chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, Vanessa Kerry, cofounder and CEO of Seed Global Health, and Chris Hughes, publisher and editor-in-chief of New Republic.


Reimagining Libraries as Conveners of Information and Innovation

Kalev’s guest post for the Knight Blog titled “Reimagining Libraries as Conveners of Information and Innovation” explores his collaborations over the past year with the Internet Archive to make use of its 19 petabytes of holdings to fundamentally rethink how we explore and understand the world through data and what that can tell us about the […]



Two recent GDELT projects are featured on the HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) Blog today: Cultural Computing at Literature Scale: Encoding the Cultural Knowledge of Tens of Billions of Words of Academic Literature Data Mining Versus Paying Attention: The Hazards of Hype 500 Years of the Images of the World’s Books […]


ICG’s Lux Real-Time Streaming Analytics Platform Features GDELT Dashboard

Back in August we mentioned that Illumina Consulting Group’s LUX real-time streaming analytics platform features a watchboarding service based on GDELT:  “LUX ingests high volume dynamic societal information from the Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) based on continuously monitoring the world’s broadcast, print, and web news globally.  Analysts set parameters for exploiting […]


Why Big Data Missed the Early Warning Signs of Ebola

Kalev’s latest column for Foreign Policy magazine explores the deeper story behind how “big data” missed the emerging Ebola outbreak and what that can teach us about data mining, translation, and the non-Western world. Read the Full Article.


Webinar to AidData

Kalev presented a webinar today to a group from AidData on GDELT and how its Global Knowledge Graph can be used to track a variety of emerging global trends.


TechChange Feature on GDELT

Charles Martin Shields at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution wrote this great feature on the new GDELT Conflict Dashboard.  Originally published in Insight on Conflict, his feature was just republished in TechChange. Read Full Article.