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Tutorial: Instant News Maps Using CartoDB + GKG API

A week and a half ago we unveiled a tutorial on mapping GDELT in CartoDB using our GKG GeoJSON files. However, this tutorial required over 500MB of disk space available in your CartoDB account, placing it beyond the reach of the majority of users.  Instead, this tutorial will show you how to use the new GKG […]


Embed This Map!

Earlier today we debuted the new GDELT Geographic News Search service, which allows you to interactively map the people, organizations, GDELT Themes, news outlets, and languages of the world's news media in 65 languages! Did you know that you can actually embed these maps on your own website?  That's right, by just copy-pasting a single line of […]


Exploring the 2016 US Presidential Campaign Through GDELT

A number of you have asked how GDELT might be used to explore the narrative of a presidential election campaign, examining the geographic, topical, and emotional discourse surrounding each candidate.  Towards that end, the maps below use the new GDELT Geographic News Search service to offer a first glimpse at what this might look like from […]


Announcing GDELT Geographic News Search!

We are enormously excited today to announce the formal unveiling of GDELT Geographic News Search!  The Geographic News Search service allows you to search the last 1 hour/24 hours of the GDELT 2.0 Global Knowledge Graph (GKG) by person, organization, GDELT Theme, news outlet, or language, instantly returning a live interactive clickable geographic map of matching coverage […]


IRIN News Features GDELT Map

IRIN News featured yesterday's animated map of the geography of its last three months of coverage in today's DataViz section! Read the Full Post.


Mapping Three Months of IRIN's Coverage

In a similar vein to our past maps of A Week in the Life of the World's News Media and A Month of BBC vs the New York Times, we're excited to offer our latest entrant into the realm of mapping the geography of the world's news outlets: three months of IRIN's global humanitarian news and […]


Creating a Customized Global GKG GeoJSON Feed

After posting about the new GDELT GKG Global GeoJSON files, we heard from quite a number of you that you were really excited about the ability to create global maps, but that the filesize requirements of those global files were far too much for your own CartoDB accounts (together they can require up to 1GB of […]


Visualizing the Linguistic Geography of the World's News

There's an old adage in journalism that "all news is local" – meaning that reporters filter and narrate the news to maximize its interest and connection to their local audience.  In this way, as each country reports on a catastrophic earthquake in Nepal, they do so through the lens of their domestic populations, focusing on the earthquake's […]


Visualization and Model Explores Insurgent Dynamics

Denes Csala created this really neat visualization of GDELT by country from 1979 to present for each country, overlaying key events in the country's history over GDELT's trend curves for that country, coupled with some SIR system dynamics models of the underlying dynamics of global conflict, finding some quite interesting cyclic patterns. Read the Full Blog Post. […]


Paper Explores Locally Adaptive Dynamic Networks

Researchers Daniele Durante (University of Padova), Xi Yang (Duke University), and David B. Dunson (Duke University) explore network inference using GDELT in "Locally Adaptive Dynamic Networks".  The paper's abstract is: Our focus is on realistically modeling dynamic networks of interrelationships among countries. Important aspects of such data that lead to problems with current methods include the tendency […]


Announcing Our First API: GKG GeoJSON!

Today we're incredibly excited to announce the official debut of our new GDELT API suite, with our very first API endpoint being a tool to generate GeoJSON files from the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph (GKG) 2.0!  Using this API, you can now create live maps, updated every hour, of any of GDELT's thousands of themes, […]


Data Skeptics New York Meetup

Kalev presented this evening to the Data Skeptics New York Meetup on GDELT, quantitative "big data" analysis of global conflict, and his observations on the conflict and US Government data communities.


Presentation to USASOC Futures Forum

Kalev presented today to the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Futures Forum based at Fort Bragg, focusing on GDELT and the potential of "big data" analytics  over OSINT to transform our understanding of global society and narratives.


BBVA MENA May 2015 Report

The research staff at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)’s Cross-Country Emerging Markets Unit have produced another series of captivating risk visuals, this time of the MENA region.  This report is filled to the brim with beautiful visualizations and infographics, many of them based on GDELT.  In particular, take a look at the multiple interactive CartoDB map visualizations […]


Mapping GDELT in CartoDB: A Tutorial – Part 2

The first part of this tutorial walked through the process of creating maps in CartoDB using the GDELT GKG GeoJSON feeds.  This second part offers a brief overview of some of the more advanced kinds of maps that can be created in CartoDB using GDELT by expert users. Expert Users: Google BigQuery + re:dash + […]


Mapping GDELT in CartoDB: A Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to create your first maps in CartoDB using the GDELT GKG GeoJSON feeds. NOTE – this tutorial is only for highly advanced users with very large CartoDB accounts.  The vast majority of users will want to check out our new "Instant News Maps Using CartoDB + GKG API" tutorial instead! NOTE […]


Mapping Protest, Unrest, and Cyber Narratives

The fifth in our series of geographic visualizations explores the geography of discussion of protests (orange), cyber (purple) and unrest (red).  Here the orange protests layer reflects all locations associated with protest discussion.  This does not necessarily imply that an actual protest is occurring at that location at this moment, only that language relating to protests […]


Mapping General Discrimination and LGBT Discourse

The fourth in our series of geographic visualizations explores the geography of LGBT-related discussion (blue) and discrimination (orange) over the past hour, with an animation of all discrimination-related coverage over the last 24 hours (red).  Here the blue LGBT layer captures all coverage of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender issues, from same-sex marriage to pride […]


GDELT GKG GeoJSON Files Available

For those who want to create their own interactive GDELT maps in CartoDB like the three we've unveiled thus far (realtime news map, realtime happiest and saddest news animation, and food/water security, transportation, and health/disease map), or want to import GDELT into spatial analytics toolkits, we've made the underlying GDELT GKG GeoJSON files available for […]


Mapping Food/Water Security, Transportation, and Health/Disease

As the third map in our new series of geographic visualizations of GDELT, we're excited to unveil a topical map that allows you to filter GDELT's massive global firehose to just coverage of specific topics and the locations associated with those topics over the past hour.  Here the map below allows you to use the […]


Mapping the World's Happiest and Saddest News in Realtime

Today we're incredibly excited to unveil the second of two maps showcasing the enormous power of the spatial information captured in GDELT.  A few moments ago we unveiled an interactive realtime map of the world's news allowing you to visualize the world's latest narratives through the eyes of the global media in 65 languages.  To […]


An Interactive Realtime Map of the World's News

Today we're incredibly excited to unveil an interactive realtime map of the world's news, updated every hour, as seen through the eyes of GDELT!  This is just the first of a series of live GDELT maps that we will be unveiling over the coming weeks, powered by CartoDB's online mapping platform and showcasing the enormous power of […]