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NFAIS Opening Keynote

Kalev presented the opening keynote today at the  National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) Annual Conference.  His keynote, titled “The User of the Future: Reimagining How We Think About Information” will focus on how technology and changing norms in information access are profounding reshaping the information world. What does the concept of “information” look like in the […]


QCRI Study: News Geography and Major Determinants of News Coverage

Haewoon Kwak and Jisun An of the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) put together this fantastic paper titled “Understanding News Geography and Major Determinants of Global News Coverage of Disasters” that explores the determinants and drivers of global news coverage of disasters using GDELT and was even covered in MIT’s Technology Review! Read the Full Paper. […]


Announcing GDELT’s New “Tools for Journalists” Initiative

What an incredible week it has been! This past Thursday we announced the public debut of GDELT 2.0 and GDELT Translingual, and just two days later, we are incredibly excited to announce the release this afternoon of the first phase of GDELT’s new “Tools for Journalists” initiative! We’ve been hearing from many of you for […]


GigaOM Covers GDELT 2.0

Derrick Harris of GigaOM wrote this fantastic article about the debut of GDELT 2.0 and GDELT Translingual!  For those attending GigaOM Structure Data 2015 in New York next month, Kalev’s talk will focus on how GDELT is being used to reimagine how we understand global society. Read the Full Article.

GDELT 2.0: The Planet in Realtime in 65 Languages and 2,300 Emotions and Themes

GDELT 2.0: Our Global World in Realtime

We are enormously excited to announce today the unveiling of the future of GDELT.  GDELT 2.0 debuts what we believe is one of the largest and most ambitious platforms ever created for monitoring our global world. From realtime translation of the world’s news in 65 languages, to measurement of more than 2,300 emotions and themes […]


GDELT Translingual: Translating the Planet

With the debut of GDELT 2.0 we are incredibly excited and proud to announce the public debut of a system we believe will fundamentally reshape how we understand the world around us: GDELT Translingual. Put simply, GDELT Translingual represents what we believe is the largest realtime streaming news machine translation deployment in the world: all […]

GDELT+BigQuery: Understanding the World with SQL

GDELT+BigQuery: Understanding the World with SQL

Check out this amazing video created by Felipe Hoffa, Developer Advocate on big data at Google, that showcases how GDELT is making use of Google’s incredible BigQuery platform to understand and explore our global world.   Read the Introduction to the Video. Watch the Teaser Trailer Video. Learn More About GDELT in Google BigQuery.

Mapping A World in Motion: A Daily Dashboard of Global Conflict

Creating Your Own GDELT Dashboard Map With CartoDB

Imagine a map that uses computers to “read” news reports from across the entire world each day, identifying the events described within and their locations, and placing all of that into a single interactive map, zoomable and clickable down to the level of a city or hilltop across the globe, summarizing in at glance our […]


Bavarian Broadcasting Science Episode Features GDELT

Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting – BR) features GDELT on their science episode this week.  The section on GDELT (with German translation) is introduced around timecode 5:20 and begins around timecode 6:10, running through timecode 10:00. Listen to the Episode.


Automatic Source Location Contextualization for Geocoding Local News

As we gear up for the imminent debut of GDELT 2.0, we are tremendously excited to announce a transformative new addition to GDELT’s geographic processing: GDELT’s geocoder now estimates the geographic location of each news outlet in the world by monitoring its primary locative focus, and then uses this information to assist the geocoder in processing local and […]


NDIA 2015 Human Systems Conference

Kalev and Chris Rewerts from the US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) will be presenting at the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) 2015 Human Systems Conference next week titled “Human Systems: Maintaining Our Physical Edge, Enabling Our Cognitive Edge.” Conference Agenda.


Kalev to Present Opening Keynote at NFAIS

We are incredibly excited and honored to announce that Kalev will be presenting the opening keynote of the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) Annual Conference being held February 22-24 in Washington, DC.  Kalev’s keynote, titled “The User of the Future: Reimagining How We Think About Information” will focus on how technology and changing norms […]


AAAS Science & Human Rights Coalition Meeting: Big Data & Human Rights: Video

Kalev spoke at the 2015 AAAS Science & Human Rights Coalition Meeting titled “Big Data & Human Rights” on the GDELT Project and how GDELT and “big data” are reshaping how we understand and react to global events.  A video is available of the plenary session for those who were unable to attend in person and AAAS […]


Digital Memory VI: Estonian National Library

Kalev presented today at the Digital Memory VI international conference “Web Archiving: Preserving the History of Data-Driven Society” at the National Library of Estonia, where he touched on many of the themes from his Knight Foundation guest post “Reimagining Libraries as Conveners of Information and Innovation.”


Timelines of Constitutional Discourse

GDELT isn’t just about understanding global news – it is about understanding and contextualizing our global society.  From academic literature to human rights archives, GDELT has been interested in how we can bring the world’s open information together and explore it in new ways.  Just over eight and a half years ago Kalev was brought […]


ML-SENTICON’s 5 Language Editions Now Available in GCAM

Over the last few weeks we’ve added the Spanish adaptation of ANEW and Hedonometer’s Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Pashto, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu dictionaries to GCAM’s non-English emotional dictionaries.   Today we’re excited to announce the addition of “ML-SENTICON: Multilingual layered sentiment lexicons at lemma level.”  ML-SENTICON includes dictionaries for English, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, and […]


Global Second Order Administrative Divisions Now Available From GAUL

Over the past year we’ve been hearing from more and more of you that you need to be able to geographically cluster GDELT by Second Order Administrative Division (ADM2).  GDELT today relies on the GNS and GNIS gazeteers to recognize and geocode geographic locations mentioned in the world’s news each day.  GNIS, which focuses exclusively […]

GDELT and Google BigQuery: Understanding the World

GDELT and Google BigQuery: Understanding the World

Take a look at this incredible teaser video Google put together showcasing how GDELT makes use of the enormous power of the Google BigQuery platform for everything from mapping violence in Nigeria to visualizing protests in Ukraine to charting global protest activity to exploring the underlying patterns of world history.    


Paper Explores Change Point Detection and Multi-Level Analysis

Researchers Swetha Keertipati, Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu, Maryam Purvis, and Martin Purvis, all of the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, explore the application of change point detection for the automatic identification of major emergent situations captured in GDELT and propose a conceptual model of a multi-level analytic dashboard that would advance such indicators into actionable […]


Hedonometer’s 12 Language Editions Now Available in GCAM

Just last week we announced the availability of the Spanish adaptation of ANEW in GCAM, marking our first foray into scoring the emotional undercurrents of the non-English world.  Just one week later we are excited to announce that all twelve language editions of‘s “happiness” score are now available in GCAM, allowing native scoring of the emotion of Arabic, Chinese, […]


New York Times Feature on SMA Work

Today’s edition of the New York Times features an article on research convened by the Department of Defense’s Strategic Multilayer Assessment initiative.  The article mentions two of the previous SMA programs that Kalev has worked on, co-authoring the following two articles: Leetaru, Kalev and Olcott, Anthony. (2012).  Gaps and ways to improve how populations and social […]


GigaOM Structure Data 2015 Speaker

Kalev will be joining an incredible list of speakers at the GigaOM Structure Data 2015 conference in New York City March 18-19, 2015. Learn More.


Typhoon Ruby: Realtime Aid Tracking Pilot with OCHA

In response to Typhoon Ruby in the Philippines, GDELT collaborated with Andrej Verity of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and Patrick Meier to provide a realtime global situational awareness system tracking worldwide reports of humanitarian aid pertaining to the typhoon.  One of the challenges in the fast-moving fluid aftermath of a natural disaster is coordinating […]


Exploring GDELT Using Tableau and BigQuery

The latest version of Tableau offers direct integration with Google BigQuery, meaning you can leverage Tableau’s incredibly powerful point-and-click visual analytics platform to directly query, analyze, and visualize GDELT without needing to write a single line of code!  This past May we announced that GDELT is available inside of Google’s BigQuery massive big data platform and […]