Will The EU's Data Protection Act Actually Lead To Less Online Privacy?

GDPR's rollout is not only rolling back the prior protections its citizens enjoyed, but is firmly entrenching, under legal protection, all of the most privacy invasive elements of our modern digital surveillance society, including helping to roll out mass social media facial recognition. The article was later cited in an El Pais article. Read The […]

Why Can't Facebook's Facial Recognition Stop Impersonation Accounts?

Last year Facebook tried reframing facial recognition from a privacy debate into a major security tool that would stop fraudulent impersonation accounts, but it turns out the tool’s design appears to limit it to being PR theatrics rather than an actual safety feature. Read The Full Article.

Why Are Academics Upset With Facebook's New Privacy Rules?

Even as Cambridge University's ethics panel rejected Kogan’s Facebook research for lacking informed consent, the academic community condemns Facebook’s new privacy policies that prioritize user safety and make the mass harvesting of private information that is at the heart of their work harder. Read The Full Article.

What The Alleged Facebook Stalker Teaches Us About Our Online Privacy

The story of a Facebook security engineer fired for allegedly stalking women online and potentially exploiting his privileged access to private user data reminds us that companies need to foster a culture of treating private data misuse as seriously as they treat media leaks. Read The Full Article.

Would Ad-Free Facebook Really Mean Surveillance-Free Facebook?

Would an "ad-free" Facebook really mean "surveillance free," does it really matter when the data brokers will continue buying and selling our data and will privacy belong only to the rich – no matter what, it is clear Facebook won’t give up its users’ data without a fight. Read The Full Article.

Estonia's Bright Vision For A Digital-First Future

Estonia's model of innovation, proactive legislation facilitating public discourse and absolute enshrinement of personal control, consent and transparency over data reminds us what we could learn from the pioneer of e-government and what a bright future in a digital-first society can look like. The story was widely tweeted, including by former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik […]

It's Time For Facebook To Stop Talking And Start Listening

Perhaps in a world where social media platforms actually listened to the voices they were designed to empower, they could bring the planet’s seven and a half billion citizens together to build a shared, democratic, bright digital future filled with hope. Read The Full Article.

Zuckerberg Silently Deletes His Past Into The Orwellian Memory Hole

Zuckerberg is secretly airbrushing away his past, silently reaching into other peoples' private Messenger inboxes to selectively delete any imperfect traces of his past into the digital memory hole – even Orwell couldn't have imagined it better. Read The Full Article.

Facebook's Medical Research Project Shows It Just Doesn't Understand Consent

To Facebook we are all just data points to be secretly exploited, rather than human individuals whose informed consent must be gained – let's hope the future of data-driven medicine is more like Estonia's in which individuals have absolute ownership and control of their information. Read The Full Article.