Facebook's Response To Its Phone Record Harvesting Shows Nothing Has Changed

Facebook's tone deaf response to its harvesting of phone records, that it is our fault for giving it permission without understanding what we were doing, rather than that it needs to win back our trust by educating its users on what it takes from them, shows it has learned nothing at all. Read The Full […]

Could AI Bots Replace Human Tech Support?

The sad state of frontline tech support raises the question of whether AI bots could take it all over and we could fix any problem with a few words to our smartphone, making summoning technical support as easy as asking for the latest hit song on our Alexa or Google Home. Read The Full Article.

Global Frontpage Graph (GFG) Inventory Sheet With Charset And Language Breakdown

The GDELT Global Frontpage Graph (GFG) has generated incredible interest in just its first three weeks of existence, so in addition to publishing a first glimpse at some of the statistics you can extract from it, we've also compiled an inventory sheet derived from the March 21, 2018 noon UTC snapshot that lists every unique […]

From MasterMind To Misuse In Four Years: Who Owns Our Data?

The Cambridge Analytica story misses just how much Facebook data has already been harvested by companies and academics, the number of companies that perform similar profiling and that Facebook is just one company in the vast world of data brokers that buy and sell our most intimate details. The broader series on Facebook was cited […]

Why Are We Only Now Talking About Facebook And Elections?

Four years ago Obama's campaign was lauded as "masterminds" for harvesting Facebook friend lists to build digital profiles for voter targeting, even recording who they were photographed with, while today Cambridge Analytica is villainized as "exploiting" Facebook – what's changed? Read The Full Article.

The Problem Isn't Cambridge Analytica: It's Facebook

Cambridge Analytica stands accused of nothing more than what academics do every day: if society has concerns about how their Facebook social media personas can be used to monitor and potentially manipulate them, they should take a closer look at the platform that makes it all possible: Facebook. The article was even retweeted by Cambridge […]

Announcing the GDELT Global Frontpage Graph (GFG)

Today we announce the alpha release of a powerful new tool for understanding both global events and the narratives that shape how we understand them. The new GDELT 3.0 Global Frontpage Graph (GFG) is a prototype experiment to explore how we can better understand which of the myriad news stories each day are considered the […]

Global Fishing Watch And The Power Of Data To Understand Our Natural World

Global Fishing Watch’s dual stories of creative repurposing of data and the use of AI to make sense of a chaotic world offer hope for what’s possible when the tech and development worlds collaborate, while its latest open data release opens a new chapter in the understanding of our natural world. Read The Full Article.