Facebook's News Feed Changes: Audience Access Fee And Escapism?

Facebook is finally starting to charge brands an access fee for the right to step foot in its walled garden and speak to its audience of two billion people, while offering shelter from a troubling world, emphasizing escapism over enlightenment. Read The Full Article.

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Weekend Reading List

Silicon Valley Business Journal's Editor-in-Chief J. Jennings Moss included Kalev's Forbes column on its failed fake news initiative in his "Weekend reading list: 5 Silicon Valley stories that are worth your time." Read The Full Article.

Is Twitter Really Censoring Free Speech?

The new year has given rise once again to claims that social media sites censor certain views. The truth is that our once-neutral communications mediums are now black boxes that actively decide what we can and cannot say and the web that was to tear down censorship has made it ever stronger. Read The Full […]

The Remarkable Reversal: How Companies Now Censor Governments

The digital revolution has both upended the traditional balance of power, granting private companies the power to censor governments, and reinforced the ultimate authority of governments as they pass new laws to force social media platforms to take action against oppressive speech. Read The Full Article.

Will Virtual AI Assistants Create Real Relationship Troubles?

A colleague’s offhanded remark about spousal jealously over an AI home assistant raises fascinating questions about how these new devices may disrupt our interaction with those around us much as smartphones have turned us into a nation of digital zombies. Read The Full Article.

In A Meltdown And Spectre World Is Digital Privacy Truly Dead?

Hardware vulnerabilities lurking in plain sight for 20 years, military chip compromises, software backdoors, misconfigured cloud storage, breaches galore and a myriad sites where our most sensitive behavior is bought, sold and breached every day – is there any hope left for digital privacy? Read The Full Article.

Facebook's 'Fake News' Backfire: Why Silicon Valley Must Grow Up From Neverland

Last month Facebook quietly pivoted its “fake news” initiative, acknowledging the “backfire effect” the academic community had warned it about. Will Silicon Valley finally grow up to accept that there is much to be learned beyond its borders and that technology alone can't save the world? Read The Full Article.

Tracking Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain Using GDELT Summary

Given the explosion of interest over the past year in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the broader applications of blockchain technology, we thought it would be useful to note that GDELT Summary can be used to track global coverage of any topic, including cryptographic currencies and their underlying technologies. Towards that end, we've […]

DOC & GEO 2.0 API Updates: Full Year Searching And More!

We're excited to announce today a massive upgrade to our DOC and GEO 2.0 API platforms! The DOC 2.0 API can now search up to the past year of coverage, while the GEO 2.0 API can now search up to the previous full week of coverage. By default both APIs still search the same timeframes […]

GDELT Summary Interface Updates

One of the goals of the new GDELT Summary platform is to better understand how to translate GDELT's immense power and the incredibly rich realtime picture it captures of planet earth into something that offers a readily accessible snapshot of global events and narratives without the need for programming experience. From the beginning we designed […]

The Smart Home Battle Front And Can Our ISP Interfere With Our Heat?

An ISP warns its customers they could lose remote control of thermostats and security cameras. As our homes become extensions of the cloud, just how vulnerable are we becoming, from security camera blackmail to light switch mischief harassment to disabling ransomware to damage to property and life? Read The Full Article.

Facebook's Deletion of Ramzan Kadyrov And Who Controls The Web?

Facebook’s removal of Ramzan Kadyrov’s accounts remind us that was once a global cooperative of interconnected computers spread across the world has devolved into a small set of walled gardens controlled by just a few US companies governed by US law. Could Wikileaks be next? Read The Full Article.

What Apple's Secret iPhone Slowdown Teaches Us About Our Digital Rights

Apple’s quiet throttling of its iPhones stands as a reminder that the devices we purchase today are never truly ours and can be upgraded, downgraded or even completely disabled remotely at will by their manufacturers, while the loss of hotswappable batteries have encouraged our consumptive culture. Read The Full Article.

Updates To The DOC 2.0 API

As we work to extend the searchable date range of the DOC 2.0 API beyond a rolling window of 3 months towards a longer time horizon and look to expand its capabilities based on all of the feedback you've given us, we will also be phasing out some older features that are simply not being used, […]

Using GDELT Summary To Track The Jerusalem Response

Two weeks ago when US President Trump declared that the US would officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, GDELT Summary became a powerful to track the emerging global response in realtime. While the English language press as a whole tended to depict a mass uprising in the making with mass violence breaking out […]

Why 2017 Was The Year Of The Filter Bubble?

We’ve been talking about filter bubbles for years, so why all of a sudden have they leapt to the forefront of the conversation around how social media is impacting our digital selves? Read The Full Article.

Can AI Assistants Help Curb Harassment?

As AI-powered “smart” assistants evolve from simple voice controlled dumb terminals towards virtual personalities that interact with users, can they shift the tide in how we communicate with each other? Read The Full Article.