DataDay Seattle 2017

Kevin Madden of Tom Sawyer Software presented a case study using GDELT's GKG at DataDay Seattle 2017. Learn More.

Central Bank Financial Stability Report Sentiment Dictionary Available in GCAM

Ricardo Correa, Keshav Garud, Juan-Miguel Londono-Yarce and Nathan Mislang published an IFDP working paper earlier this year titled "Sentiment in central bank's financial stability reports" that developed a specialized dictionary designed to assess positive and negative sentiment from central bank financial stability reports. We've incorporated these two dictionaries along with the third ("neutral") dictionary developed […]

Is It Too Late For Big Data Ethics?

Despite a flurry of academic and industry efforts aimed at changing views on big data research ethics, it seems the tide may have irrevocably changed. Read The Full Article.

Replacing US Social Security Numbers With Estonia's Cryptographic Model?

As the US grapples with how to replace its obsolete obsession with the 80-year old Social Security Number, perhaps Estonia’s public key infrastructure and digital first government might serve as inspiration. The article was tweeted by former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and the US Estonian Embassy. Read The Full Article.

Virtual Reality For Empathy Versus Entertainment

As virtual reality finds growing use to tell experiential stories of humanitarian crises, whose voice is heard and how do we convey empathy instead of voyeuristic disaster entertainment? Read The Full Article.

How Social Media Can Silence Instead Of Empower

The great promise of social media to empower the oppressed has given way to a reality where elites wield a megaphone, the voiceless remain silent and those few who find their voice can be silenced through opaque processes with little recourse. The article was an Editor's Pick. Read The Full Article.

Greater Good Gathering

Kalev will be speaking on October 21 at the Greater Good Gathering in Providence Rhode Island alongside such luminaries as Martin Luther King III and the former governor of Delaware. Learn More.

GDELT 2.0 Television API Debuts!

UPDATE: The TV 2.0 API has been updated as of 2/9/2018 to use airtime rather than sentences as its new metric and to add "context" searches. Building upon the GDELT 2.0 DOC and GEO APIs that debuted earlier this summer, we’re incredibly excited to announce today the debut of the new GDELT 2.0 TV API! […]

"New Views" Book Features Twitter Map

Alastair Bonnett's new book "New Views: The World Mapped Like Never Before: 50 maps of our physical, cultural and political world" features Kalev's Twitter networks map, Figure 13, from his co-authored paper "Mapping The Global Twitter Heartbeat: The Geography Of Twitter". Lonely Planet recently wrote a summary of how the book explores the modern world […]

GDELT 2.0 API New Export Options And Upgraded Word Cloud

We've added several new export options to our DOC 2.0 API HTML browser-based visualizations. For the timeline and tonechart HTML visualizations you'll now see CSV, JSON and Embed export options under the Export menu in the top right of the display. This makes it easy when  embedding the visualization on a page for your users […]

Web Summit 2017

Kalev will be speaking at Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal on November 8th. Billed as "the largest tech conference in the world," "the best tech conference on the planet" and "Davos for geeks," the conference sees more than 60,000 attendees from over 160 countries. Speakers include a who's who of the technology and policy […]

Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference 2017 Keynote

Kalev will be giving the opening keynote address at Bucknell University's 2017 Digital Scholarship Conference on October 7th. This year's theme is "Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Evolution of Digital Scholarship." Other keynote speakers include A.D. Carson and Stephen Cartwright. The conference's theme is: #BUDSC17 is committed to expanding the definition of digital scholarship to […]

Kalev Named as 2017-2019 Senior Fellow at George Washington University

We are tremendously excited to announce that Kalev has been named as a 2017-2019 Senior Fellow at The George Washington University's Center for Cyber & Homeland Security, his second term there, joining an incredible community of scholars from across government, academia, and the private sector focused on cybersecurity, counterterrorism, and homeland security. Read The Announcement.

FiveThirtyEight: The Media Really Has Neglected Puerto Rico

Following in IRIN's footsteps last month documenting agenda setting in Hurricane Harvey versus monsoon flooding, FiveThirtyEight's Dhrumil Mehta uses the Television Explorer to compare discussion of Harvey, Irma and Maria and Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Read The Full Article.

Common Crawl And Unlocking Web Archives For Research

The world’s web archives contain tens of petabytes of data charting the evolution of our digital world, yet little of this historical record is available for academic research. What might archives learn from Common Crawl’s model of open data as a future for big data research? Read The Full Article.