Why Are We Only Now Talking About Facebook And Elections?

Four years ago Obama's campaign was lauded as "masterminds" for harvesting Facebook friend lists to build digital profiles for voter targeting, even recording who they were photographed with, while today Cambridge Analytica is villainized as "exploiting" Facebook – what's changed? Read The Full Article.

The Problem Isn't Cambridge Analytica: It's Facebook

Cambridge Analytica stands accused of nothing more than what academics do every day: if society has concerns about how their Facebook social media personas can be used to monitor and potentially manipulate them, they should take a closer look at the platform that makes it all possible: Facebook. The article was even retweeted by Cambridge […]

Announcing the GDELT Global Frontpage Graph (GFG)

Today we announce the alpha release of a powerful new tool for understanding both global events and the narratives that shape how we understand them. The new GDELT 3.0 Global Frontpage Graph (GFG) is a prototype experiment to explore how we can better understand which of the myriad news stories each day are considered the […]

Global Fishing Watch And The Power Of Data To Understand Our Natural World

Global Fishing Watch’s dual stories of creative repurposing of data and the use of AI to make sense of a chaotic world offer hope for what’s possible when the tech and development worlds collaborate, while its latest open data release opens a new chapter in the understanding of our natural world. Read The Full Article.

Beneath The Gleaming Veneer Of Data Are Good Old Fashioned Flawed Humans

How a recent hotel stay perfectly captures how gleaming automation is disrupted by the humans that use it: from a bad billing user interface to robotic customer service staff to an automated credit card system that wasn't designed for international billing and incapable of flagging abnormalities. Read The Full Article.

Internet Archive Blog: TV Explorer 2.0

The Internet Archive's blog today prominently features the new Television Explorer 2.0 and some of the ways it has been used lately to understand the local and global television media ecosystem. Read The Full Post.

What The Russian Indictments Say About The Power Of Social Media

Has social media become so powerful that a small team and a few million dollars can now determine the head of state of the most powerful nation on earth or are the tens of billions of dollars spent on social advertising a waste? Just how powerful and unaccountable have social platforms become? Read The Full […]

How Bad Data Practice Is Leading To Bad Research

Honest statistical error, misunderstanding of data and methods, failure to normalize, malicious manipulation and copy-paste Google Scholar-ship – poor data practice threatens to call into question many of the findings of data-driven research. Read The Full Article.

NSF's New Initiative To Bring The Cloud Era To Academic Big Data Research

NSF’s new collaboration to make Amazon, Google and Microsoft cloud credits available for academic research finally gives "big data" researchers the same capabilities as more traditional scientific workloads and stands testament to the data-first realtime architecture of the cloud. Read The Full Article.