Steven Pinker's "Enlightment Now" Mentions Culturomics 2.0

In his new book and a recent extract of it published in The Guardian, renowned Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker mentions two of the graphs from Culturomics 2.0 and the trends they show in how the news media is trending steadily more negative. Read The Guardian Story. Learn More About The Book.

Television Explorer Adds Russia Today (RT)

We've completed the addition of the July 2010 – present Russia Today (RT) English language backfile to the Television Explorer! Unfortunately, for those interested in the 2016 presidential election, there is a gap in coverage from September 2014 through June 2017 and some sporadic artifacts of double monitoring in some of the earlier coverage (though […]

Television Comparer Launches!

We're excited today to announce the launch of the brand new Television Comparer! Using the same platform as the main Television Explorer, Television Comparer lets you compare multiple broadcast television news searches to examine how different topics are being covered. In the past, comparing coverage of different topics meant running them separately in the Television […]

The New Television Explorer Launches!

We are incredibly excited to announce today the debut of the new 2.0 version of the Television Explorer, part of the GDELT Summary platform and using data from the Internet Archive's Television News Archive! You can go ahead and get started or read below for all of the new additions to the Explorer platform. Some […]

Television Explorer: New Inventory Tables

With the forthcoming release of the Television Explorer 2.0 platform, we are excited to announce the availability of our new Television Explorer Inventory Tables that detail the precise news programming from each station that was monitored by the Internet Archive's Television Archive in a given day (and thus searchable via the Television Explorer). The Internet Archive […]

GDELT Analysis Emails Working Again

We rely on a major third party email infrastructure vendor to send outgoing emails from the GDELT Analysis site and the vendor experienced a prolonged technical disruption over the past week and a half that has caused most GDELT Analysis submission emails not to be sent out. We have been working with the vendor and […]

Could The Cloud Save Government Websites From Going Dark In The Next Shutdown?

US Government agency websites hosted in the commercial cloud largely remained online during the government shutdown, while some agencies like NSF shut down their websites, citing cybersecurity risk, but left their cloud-hosted social media accounts online. Can the cloud save our government? Read The Full Article.

Facebook's News Feed Changes: Audience Access Fee And Escapism?

Facebook is finally starting to charge brands an access fee for the right to step foot in its walled garden and speak to its audience of two billion people, while offering shelter from a troubling world, emphasizing escapism over enlightenment. Read The Full Article.

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Weekend Reading List

Silicon Valley Business Journal's Editor-in-Chief J. Jennings Moss included Kalev's Forbes column on its failed fake news initiative in his "Weekend reading list: 5 Silicon Valley stories that are worth your time." Read The Full Article.

Is Twitter Really Censoring Free Speech?

The new year has given rise once again to claims that social media sites censor certain views. The truth is that our once-neutral communications mediums are now black boxes that actively decide what we can and cannot say and the web that was to tear down censorship has made it ever stronger. Read The Full […]

The Remarkable Reversal: How Companies Now Censor Governments

The digital revolution has both upended the traditional balance of power, granting private companies the power to censor governments, and reinforced the ultimate authority of governments as they pass new laws to force social media platforms to take action against oppressive speech. Read The Full Article.

Will Virtual AI Assistants Create Real Relationship Troubles?

A colleague’s offhanded remark about spousal jealously over an AI home assistant raises fascinating questions about how these new devices may disrupt our interaction with those around us much as smartphones have turned us into a nation of digital zombies. Read The Full Article.

In A Meltdown And Spectre World Is Digital Privacy Truly Dead?

Hardware vulnerabilities lurking in plain sight for 20 years, military chip compromises, software backdoors, misconfigured cloud storage, breaches galore and a myriad sites where our most sensitive behavior is bought, sold and breached every day – is there any hope left for digital privacy? Read The Full Article.