GeoJSON API Migration To ElasticSearch

First announced in May 2015, our GeoJSON API has become an immensely popular way of visualizing and interacting with the geography of the global news media through GDELT. As part of our migration to our new ElasticSearch infrastructure, we will be slowly transitioning all of our legacy APIs to the new system before rolling out […]

Four Visualizations Exploring The Global Media Ecosystem

Four recent explorations showcase how GDELT, the largest open dataset ever created capturing the life of the world's media ecosystem, can be used to understand how the world's media functions and what it tells us of the world around us. They were even mentioned in the March 1st issue of the O'Reilly Data Newsletter!   Creating A […]

Map: Global Happiness In 2016

This new map repeats last year's map of global happiness using BigQuery and Carto to map global happiness in 2016 as seen through the eyes of the world's news media. Click on the map below to download the full resolution map or you can download the low resolution version.   TECHNICAL DETAILS To create the map, […]

Map: Using Google's Deep Learning AI To Geolocate Global News Imagery

Last March we released a map showcasing the deep learning-powered "visual geocoder" capability of Google's Cloud Vision API applied to 20 million images. Today GDELT's VGKG has grown to more than a quarter-billion images and we've created a new map to see what new insights a year's worth of data offers. This map is part […]

Did Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Coin The Phrase 'Fake News'?

As we argue about what exactly “fake news” is and how to fight it, we find that the phrase was born last century in the world of propaganda, but it was Mark Zuckerberg who entered it into our modern lexicon and President Trump who weaponized it into a media pejorative. On May 24, 2017 the […]