Project Sailor Moon Shiny App

Donny Chen and Yixin Zhang created this really neat Shiny app with a number of great visualizations. Under the hood it uses Alex Bresler's gdeltr2 package for querying GDELT. Learn More.

New "Showcase" Format For GDELT GEO 2.0 API

We're excited to announce today the debut of the new "showcase" format in the GDELT GEO 2.0 API! This new output format renders the standard HTML map in your browser, but instead of requiring you to click on each individual location to see the image results from that point or country, this format divides your […]

Dev Fest DC 2017

Kalev spoke at DevFest DC today on how GDELT uses Google Cloud Platform, especially tools like BigQuery and Google's AI APIs like Cloud Vision, Cloud Speech and Cloud Natural Language to catalog the world. More than 900 people are attending this year's event. Learn More About DevFest DC.

How Facebook Secretly Turned Us All Into Digital Lab Rats

The Australian's expose that Facebook researchers conducted secret emotional marketing research on young children to identify their most vulnerable moments shows the company learned little from its 2014 study and just how how mined and manipulated we are in today’s “free” social media world. Read The Full Article.

Will Twitter Replace The Photojournalist?

Over the past two years the mainstream journalism world has increasingly turned to Twitter and Instagram for images of breaking events, using social media imagery alongside or in lieu of traditional photojournalists. Read The Full Article.

GDELT GEO 2.0 API Debuts!

We are immensely excited today to announce the debut of the first of the GDELT 2.0 APIs: the GDELT GEO 2.0 API! Two years in the making, this API takes everything we've learned from our original GeoJSON API, the lessons we've learned from more than a decade mapping the geography of text, and all of your […]

New York Times Magazine Cites Television Candidate Tracker

The New York Times Magazine's in-depth feature (both online and in print) on how CNN covered the Trump campaign over the course of the 2016 campaign season made use of data from the  2016 Campaign Television Tracker in an article titled "CNN Had a Problem. Donald Trump Solved It." Read The Article.

New GDELT 2.0 API Interactive Maps: ADM1

As geography becomes an ever more central modality for understanding the world around us, we've heard loud and clear from you that you want more ways of interacting with the immensely rich geographic tapestry that GDELT offers. Towards that end we're very excited to announce that the new GDELT 2.0 API suite will include advanced mapping capabilities, […]

Which Web Servers Power Global News Imagery?

What 48 hours of global news images tell us about the most popular web servers powering news websites (NGINX is beating Apache and Varnish is quite popular), the new industry’s use of CDNs (they’re not as popular as you might think) and dynamic content targeting (when JPEGs become WEBP). Read The Full Article.

Recapping Google NEXT 2017: Deep Learning As A Service

Deep learning was a huge focus of Google’s annual cloud conference, from its hosted AI platform to the company’s myriad pre-built “just works right out of the box” services – the world’s most advanced AI systems are now just an API call away. Read The Full Article.

GDELT 3.0 And Using BigQuery And Streaming Google Cloud Storage For Logging

One of the most incredible aspects of working in Google's cloud environment is that no matter what you need, chances are Google likely has already built a tool to do it. As we role out GDELT 3.0 across our backend infrastructure, we've been particularly interested in increasing not only our realtime visibility into GDELT's myriad moving […]