Television Explorer Hourly Timeline, Boolean OR and Increased JSON Cap

The latest update to the Television Explorer debuted this morning, which added several new features: Hourly Timeline. Now when selecting a time period of 7 days or less, the timeline graph will switch from daily resolution to hourly resolution to make it possible to examine how coverage of a topic changed over the course of […]

Changes To How GDELT Handles Full Text Search

As part of our transition of all of GDELT's current and forthcoming full text search features over to an ElasticSearch infrastructure, we are making some adjustments to how we handle foreign language search. Through its Translingual platform, GDELT today monitors and mass machine translates news coverage in 65 languages (plus an additional 35 lower volume […]

What The 'Rogue' EPA, NPS and NASA Twitter Accounts Teach Us About The Future Of Social

The intense popularity of these new “rogue” Twitter accounts presents unique challenges for the future of how government communicates with its citizens. In the week since its publication, this article has received more than 145,000 views and was even tweeted by both the @AltNatParkSer and @ActualEPAFacts accounts themselves. Read The Full Article.

153 Forbes Articles And Counting

We're excited to announce that as of this afternoon, GDELT Founder Kalev Leetaru has written 153 articles for Forbes over the past year and a half, covering everything from using big data to understand global society to the limits of social media monitoring to history as data to asking why the world of data has […]

Why Are We So Afraid Of Petabytes?

Silicon Valley has commoditized the petabyte, yet why is the broader data science community still stuck in the gigabyte era? Read The Full Article.

Building An ElasticSearch Cluster To Search The Planet

When it comes to exploring patterns in GDELT’s immense data archives stretching back two centuries, nothing on this earth can come close to the power of Google BigQuery for its ability to bring to bear raw brute force capable of table scanning a petabyte in just under 4 minutes. What happens after you have that […]

Why Aren't We Doing More With Our Web Archives?

Archives of the web like the Internet Archive offer us an incredible glimpse into the digitization of human society, so why are so few researchers making use of these incredible collections? Read The Full Article.

Television Explorer Interactive Time Zooming

As part of the latest release of the Television Explorer, the volume timeline now supports interactive time zooming in which you can click-drag your mouse to highlight a particular portion of the timeline and the system will automatically launch a new search that zooms into just that period of time. Often when running 2009-present searches, […]

Television Explorer Now Includes BBC News

We're excited to announce that with the Internet Archive's recent addition of BBC News to its monitoring archive, the Television Explorer now includes BBC as an available station under its new "International Networks" collection (available under the Television Network dropdown). BBC is our first true international station available in the Television Explorer and we are […]

Introduction The New Television Explorer Top Clips

In addition to the Television Explorer's new Top Terms Word Cloud, we are also excited today to announce the release of the new Top Clips feature, which displays the top 50 matching clips most relevant to your search. The previous version of the Television Explorer only displayed a bulleted list of links to relevant clips, […]

Introducing The Television Explorer Top Terms Word Cloud

We are immensely excited to announce today the latest version of our new Television Explorer, a collaboration with the Internet Archive to explore more than 2 million hours of American television news back to 2009. This new version of the Explorer takes the top 50 most relevant matching clips for any query and computes a […]

Television Explorer: Top Trending Topics

We're tremendously excited to announce today the new Top Trending Topics system of the Television Explorer. Each morning the system scans the full raw closed captioning of all monitored national stations and computes a massive ngram table over all of that material. After more than a week of intensive benchmarking, we've settled on 4-grams (four word ngrams) as […]