Academics Continue Their Attacks On Facebook's New Privacy Rules

The academic world’s latest salvo in the war against Facebook’s new privacy efforts is a letter demanding the company exempt them from its rules against mass harvesting, fake accounts and fake posts, ironically asking the company roll back the very protections academia had long fought for. Read The Full Article.

Creating A Planetary Scale Open Dataset: Just How Big Is GDELT?

The GDELT Project encompasses an incredible array of datasets spanning the entire planet, reaching across 65 languages and making sense of modalities from text to images to video. This enormous realtime open firehose of data cataloging planet earth is available as downloadable files in Google Cloud Storage, JSON APIs for powering web interfaces, and for […]

Facebook As The Ultimate Government Surveillance Tool?

Facebook’s international reach, massive centralized data warehouse and algorithms that can divine the most sensitive and intimate elements of our lives are likely to increasingly become a go-to one-stop shop for the world’s intelligence agencies to spy, influence and destroy dissent. Read The Full Article.

Are Toilets The New Twitter? Using Smart City Data To Measure Interest

How water usage in Tokyo during the World Cup offers a lesson in the ways smart city data can be used to assess public interest to offer marketers rich new metrics, leaving the only question being how long it is before cities catch on and start selling all this data to the highest bidder? Read […]

Is Social Media Becoming Too Toxic?

Somewhere along the way social media lost its way and it remains to be seen whether the current generation of social media platforms are remembered as the tools that brought the world together or the weapons of societal warfare that tore us apart. Read The Full Article.

When Will Cities Begin To Monetize Their Residents' Data?

What happens as cash-strapped cities wake up to the immense monetary value of the vast archives of sensitive information they capture about their citizens, from leveraging their surveillance camera networks to using their legal rights to force citizens to provide them any data they want? Read The Full Article.

Are Facebook's New Restrictions On Data Harvesting Actually Working?

The academic world that had so stridently attacked Facebook for its user data practices now condemns the company for limiting their own mass harvesting of private user data without permission and work on circumventing Facebook’s new restrictions, reminding us that ethics are dead in the big data era. Read The Full Article.