Is Facebook's Trending Topics Biased Against Africa And The Middle East?

Kalev's latest story for Forbes explores the bias in Facebook's Trending Topics module against news outlets in Africa and the Middle East and offers a cautionary tale to those who would try to quickly build a global media monitoring system from scratch and think it is easy to monitor the whole planet. Read the Full […]

In An Era Of Unlimited Photos What Are We Really Capturing About The World?

Kalev's latest Forbes piece explores how the explosion of mobile phone cameras is generating a world in which Facebook alone hosted more than a quarter trillion photographs in 2013, but what are we really capturing about the world and how will we preserve all of those images into the future? Read The Full Article.

The Future Of Open Access In Academic Publishing

Kalev's latest piece for Forbes, "The Future Of Open Access: Why Has Academia Not Embraced The Internet Revolution?" explores the open access revolution in academic publishing. It was even tweeted by PLOS. Read the Full Article.

Yahoo News Uses Candidate Television Tracker

Yahoo News used GDELT's 2016 Candidate Television Tracker, which uses data from the Internet Archive's Television News Archive, to comment on Trump's television coverage as part of his live analysis of the April 26th primaries. Read More. (Search for "Internet Archive" in the article)

AEI: Liberal Vs Conservative Television News Coverage Of Trump

The American Enterprise Institution (AEI) recently published a study in the April 25, 2016 issue of National Review exploring liberal versus conservative television news coverage of Trump's campaign, uncovering some fascinating findings, including that liberal television networks emphasized Trump more heavily than conservative networks in the first half of his campaign, while coverage has become nonpartisan starting […]

Visual Global Knowledge Graph (VGKG) April 2016 Snapshot Dataset

Following in the footsteps of our February snapshot, we're releasing an April 2016 snapshot of the Visual Global Knowledge Graph (VGKG) by popular demand! This snapshot is in CSV format, one Article/Image per row, with the following columns (in order of appearance): DATE. (Timestamp in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format to the nearest 15 minutes when the article […]

FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver Uses Candidate Television Tracker

Nate Silver, the founder of FiveThirtyEight, used GDELT's 2016 Candidate Television Tracker, which uses data from the Internet Archive's Television News Archive, to comment on Trump's television coverage as part of his live analysis of the April 26th primaries. Read More. (Search for "GDELT" in the page)

The Big Data Viz Challenge Sponsored By Google And Tableau

We're enormously excited by the Big Data Viz Challenge, sponsored by Google and Tableau, and can't wait to see what some of the world's most talented data scientists and visualization experts are able to come up with! Learn More. Details.

GDELT Visual Knowledge Graph Reaches 46 Million Images

We are tremendously excited to announce that as of this afternoon, the GDELT Visual Knowledge Graph (VGKG) has reached 46 million images processed through Google's Cloud Vision API deep learning neural network algorithms, making it what we believe is the largest open dataset of deep learning processing of images. Each day GDELT feeds more than half a […]

Using BigQuery Table Decorators To Lower Query Cost

As GDELT has grown at an exponential rate, the size and complexity of its data archives means it takes ever greater computing power to work with. The GDELT 1.0 Events database now totals 376 million records mentioned a total of 3.7 billion times, while the GDELT 2.0 Events database, which incorporates the massive firehose of local news […]

New GKG 2.0 Article Metadata Fields

With the debut this week of our massive new document extraction platform, we are tremendously excited to unveil several new metadata fields added to the Global Knowledge Graph (GKG 2.0). As of yesterday all GKG 2.0 records will now include several new extracted fields in their "XMLExtras" field (the last column of each GKG record). […]

Announcing Our Newest Generation Document Extraction Platform

We are enormously excited to announce that over the last several days we have gradually phased in the newest generation of our document extraction platform, responsible for identifying and extracting the body of each web page from its surrounding headers, footers, navigation bars, insets, related inserts, advertisements, and the myriad other clutter that fills up the screen. […]

IRIN News: The Alan Kurdi Effect And Media Coverage Of Refugees

Ben Parker of IRIN News put out a fascinating graph showing the positive/negative emotional tone of UK news coverage of refugees after the widely publicized photographs of three-year-old Alan Kurdi's death that became iconic images of the refugee crisis. The graph makes clear how strongly the images affected UK news coverage of the crisis, prompting […]