VGKG 2.0 Now Available In Partitioned BigQuery Table

As the GDELT Visual Global Knowledge Graph (VGKG) has grown to just over 287 million images totaling 3.2TB of JSON data, BigQuery is one of the few ways of working with the full dataset, but you can quickly exceed your monthly BigQuery quota due to the table's immense size. To address this, we have rolled […]

GDELT DOC 2.0 API Debuts!

We are incredibly excited to announce today the debut of the new GDELT 2.0 DOC API, which is our full text search API. A year and a half after the unveiling of our first full text search API on Christmas Day 2015, our new 2.0 API builds upon all of the lessons we've learned from […]

La Vanguardia: The Media Prefer Supermodels

La Vanguardia covers GDELT's Global Visual Knowledge Graph, exploring the kind of imagery the global news media prefers. It was mentioned in a second article two months later. Read The Full Article.

Trump's Tweeting And Government Records In The Digital Era

Stream-of-consciousness live tweeting by our political leaders offers us a unique humanized look at our elected leaders, but also gives rise to profound questions about the preservation of digital records dating back at least to the Bush administration. Read The Full Article.

When Facebook Censors Journalists

As Facebook increasing role as global editor-in-chief expands to censoring journalists, what might the future of the fourth estate look like as Facebook becomes the gateway and moderator of all the world’s news? Read The Full Article.

The Agenda Setting Power Of Fake News

In a study published in New Media & Society, Chris Vargo, Lei Guo and Michelle Amazeen use GDELT to explore the spread of "fake news" and the countering effect of fact checking sites from 2014 to 2016, finding fake news sites had greater output and potential impact. Read The Full Article. Read The Press Announcement.

How Estonia's E-Voting System Could Be The Future

Estonia has offered online voting for more than a decade with great success and some unique security twists that could alleviate many of the concerns raised by last year’s US presidential election. This story was cited in the footnotes of a keynote speech by SEC Commissioner Kara M. Stein on January 19, 2018. Read The […]

Baltimore Sun Article on NSA Leaking

Kalev was quoted in a recent Baltimore Sun article on alleged NSA leaker Reality Winner, talking about the modern culture clash between young share-all millennials and the intelligence community's culture of silence and secrecy. The article was also republished in the Union Leader. Read the Full Article.

Should Facebook Simply Stop Moderating Its Platform?

Is Facebook’s approach of hiring an army of human reviewers to enforce a single universal standard developed in secret that applies to every human on earth simply an exercise in futility and should it instead adopt the decentralized model that has served the web over the last quarter-century? Read The Full Article.

Television Explorer: Near-Realtime Updates & Trending Analytics

We're excited to announce two major updates to the Television Explorer that debuted over this past weekend: realtime updates and our new trending analytics dashboard. REALTIME UPDATES Since its debut this past December, the Television Explorer has been configured to update just once a day (around 5AM UTC), with a rolling embargo window of 48 hours. That meant […]

Was The WannaCry Worm An Early Preview Of Skynet?

As the US Government works to develop “lethal” cyberweapons capable of opening dams and triggering nuclear plant meltdowns, could the next WannaCry worm literally level an entire country if those tools escaped? Read The Full Article.

Project Sailor Moon Shiny App

Donny Chen and Yixin Zhang created this really neat Shiny app with a number of great visualizations. Under the hood it uses Alex Bresler's gdeltr2 package for querying GDELT. Learn More.

New "Showcase" Format For GDELT GEO 2.0 API

We're excited to announce today the debut of the new "showcase" format in the GDELT GEO 2.0 API! This new output format renders the standard HTML map in your browser, but instead of requiring you to click on each individual location to see the image results from that point or country, this format divides your […]

Dev Fest DC 2017

Kalev spoke at DevFest DC today on how GDELT uses Google Cloud Platform, especially tools like BigQuery and Google's AI APIs like Cloud Vision, Cloud Speech and Cloud Natural Language to catalog the world. More than 900 people are attending this year's event. Learn More About DevFest DC.

How Facebook Secretly Turned Us All Into Digital Lab Rats

The Australian's expose that Facebook researchers conducted secret emotional marketing research on young children to identify their most vulnerable moments shows the company learned little from its 2014 study and just how how mined and manipulated we are in today’s “free” social media world. Read The Full Article.