Office of Naval Research: Federal Funding Exploration System

Together with Alan Craig, Kalev developed this advanced platform which combines a range of open data streams on federal funding opportunities with sophisticated data mining and natural language algorithms to create an end-to-end exploration, analysis, visualization, and alerting service to connect small businesses with potential funding opportunities. Read More.

Profile of a Campus Project

My landmark 2006 study on the state of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus garnered signficant attention when the University was organizing its Strategic Planning initiative and offers a model for how to understand institutions of higher education through a variety of data-driven dimensions. As a doctoral student, I created the Profile of a […]

ICHOLS: Computational Study of Language

Kalev's collaboration with Douglas Kibbee and Alan Craig was presented at the 10th International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences, titled "Facilitating the Study of Prescriptive Language Behavior Through Automatic Database Building and Data Extraction."

Kauffman Foundation: Empowering the Entrepreneur

Kalev and Alan Craig spoke at the Kauffman Foundation's headquarters on "Empowering the Entrepreneur: Bringing the Power of Information Technology and the Web to the Entrepreneur."  Kalev was also the 2005 Kauffman Thoughtbook Featured Student Entrepreneur.

UIHistories: Massive Digital History

My undergraduate major was computer science, but as my senior thesis I wrote the first history of the University of Illinois' buildings and spaces, digitized and integrated more than 70,000 pages of historical material, and took more than 250,000 photographs documenting the entire campus through the four seasons. Together, the resulting UIHistories project serves as […]