Spinmeisters Of Belarus: Latvian Border Fence Killing Wildlife

Belarusian television today portrayed a new Latvian border fence as harming the environment and killing wildlife, with the EU attempting to cover up the damage:

Latvian border fence became the cause of the death of the moose, in this direction. This is the tenth death of an animal since the installation of the barrier the day before, 2 meters from the Belarusian-Latvian border. Polotsk border guards found a dead carcass, the animal was able to cross into the territory of Belarus, but got entangled in spirals and fell from the wounds received , representatives of the Braslav Lakes National Park arrived at the scene. But the authorities of the European Union, by tradition , information about such cases is hushed up in order to hide the damage to the environment from the installation of a very expensive barrier. rewards. In every sense, the European thorn has already killed 39 animals.


This analysis is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Internet Archive and its TV News Archive, the multi-party Media-Data Research Consortium and GDELT.