ML-SENTICON's 5 Language Editions Now Available in GCAM

Over the last few weeks we've added the Spanish adaptation of ANEW and Hedonometer's Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Pashto, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu dictionaries to GCAM's non-English emotional dictionaries.   Today we're excited to announce the addition of "ML-SENTICON: Multilingual layered sentiment lexicons at lemma level."  ML-SENTICON includes dictionaries for English, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, and […]

Global Second Order Administrative Divisions Now Available From GAUL

Over the past year we've been hearing from more and more of you that you need to be able to geographically cluster GDELT by Second Order Administrative Division (ADM2).  GDELT today relies on the GNS and GNIS gazeteers to recognize and geocode geographic locations mentioned in the world's news each day.  GNIS, which focuses exclusively […]

GDELT and Google BigQuery: Understanding the World

Take a look at this incredible teaser video Google put together showcasing how GDELT makes use of the enormous power of the Google BigQuery platform for everything from mapping violence in Nigeria to visualizing protests in Ukraine to charting global protest activity to exploring the underlying patterns of world history.    

Paper Explores Change Point Detection and Multi-Level Analysis

Researchers Swetha Keertipati, Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu, Maryam Purvis, and Martin Purvis, all of the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, explore the application of change point detection for the automatic identification of major emergent situations captured in GDELT and propose a conceptual model of a multi-level analytic dashboard that would advance such indicators into actionable […]

Hedonometer's 12 Language Editions Now Available in GCAM

Just last week we announced the availability of the Spanish adaptation of ANEW in GCAM, marking our first foray into scoring the emotional undercurrents of the non-English world.  Just one week later we are excited to announce that all twelve language editions of's "happiness" score are now available in GCAM, allowing native scoring of the emotion of Arabic, Chinese, […]

New York Times Feature on SMA Work

Today's edition of the New York Times features an article on research convened by the Department of Defense's Strategic Multilayer Assessment initiative.  The article mentions two of the previous SMA programs that Kalev has worked on, co-authoring the following two articles: Leetaru, Kalev and Olcott, Anthony. (2012).  Gaps and ways to improve how populations and social […]

GigaOM Structure Data 2015 Speaker

Kalev will be joining an incredible list of speakers at the GigaOM Structure Data 2015 conference in New York City March 18-19, 2015. Learn More.

Typhoon Ruby: Realtime Aid Tracking Pilot with OCHA

In response to Typhoon Ruby in the Philippines, GDELT collaborated with Andrej Verity of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and Patrick Meier to provide a realtime global situational awareness system tracking worldwide reports of humanitarian aid pertaining to the typhoon.  One of the challenges in the fast-moving fluid aftermath of a natural disaster is coordinating […]

Exploring GDELT Using Tableau and BigQuery

The latest version of Tableau offers direct integration with Google BigQuery, meaning you can leverage Tableau's incredibly powerful point-and-click visual analytics platform to directly query, analyze, and visualize GDELT without needing to write a single line of code!  This past May we announced that GDELT is available inside of Google's BigQuery massive big data platform and […]

BBVA Geo World Report: Second Half 2014

This past September the research staff in Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)’s Cross-Country Emerging Markets Unit (BBVA is the second-largest bank in Spain) produced a series of captivating country risk visualizations of the world using GDELT for their Country Risk Quarterly Report for Q3 2014. The BBVA team's latest result is their semiannual Geo World Report, developed to "track the world geo-political current situation […]

Library of Congress Blog On 500 Years of Book Images

Together with David Ayman Shamma, lead of the HCI Research Group at Yahoo! Labs and Scientific Liaison to Flickr, and Robert Miller, Global Director of Books for the Internet Archive, Kalev wrote a blog post for the Library of Congress's The Signal blog surveying the process, context, and technical challenges overcome in the extraction of 500 years […]

Spanish Edition of ANEW Now Available in GCAM

We're tremendously excited to announce our first foray into scoring the emotional undercurrents of the non-English world.  While it might surprise some, English is not the primary language spoken across much of the globe and focusing exclusively on English means missing very important events throughout the world.  Thus far, all of the 2,300 emotions and themes available […]

Pew Research Internet Project Report: The Future of Privacy

Kalev was one of the experts asked to provide his views on the future of the internet for Pew Research’s “Digital Life in 2025″ report released this past March, where he noted that one of "the greatest impacts [of the Internet] will come from the use of all of the data exhaust of people’s daily lives, […]

GigaOM Excerpts of Pew Internet Privacy Report

Kalev's responses for the Pew Research Center's Internet Project report on The Future of Privacy were included in GigaOM's summary of the report.  Kalev notes that "While people publicly discuss wanting more privacy, they increasingly use media in a way that gives away their privacy voluntarily—for example, broadcasting their location via phone GPS when posting to […]

GDELT Cited in Patrick Meier's New Digital Humanitarians Book

Patrick Meier's new book, titled "Digital Humanitarians: How Big Data is Changing the Face of Humanitarian Response" tells "the compelling story of how mobile technologies, computer applications, and vast quantities of digital data work in concert with a dedicated global network of new humanitarians ready to shed light on disaster-affected areas in hours, not days and weeks" and […]

A Global Big Data Assessment of Public Attitudes Towards CCS

Just shy of a decade since their first father-and-son study exploring global media coverage of carbon sequestration and climate change, Kalev and his father presented their latest paper titled "A Global Big Data Assessment of Public Attitudes Towards CCS Through the Media" at the 12th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-12).  It explores coverage of carbon […]

Three Months of 500 Years of Book Images

When not codifying the world's news, GDELT Creator Kalev Leetaru collaborated earlier this year with the Internet Archive and Flickr to extract the images from 600 million digitized book pages dating back 500 years from over 1,000 libraries worldwide and make them all browseable and searchable (via both the metadata of the original book and the text surrounding […]

Paper Explores Inferring Polyadic Events With Poisson Tensor Factorization

Researchers Aaron Schein (University of Massachusetts Amherst), John Paisley (Columbia University), David Blei (Columbia University), and Hanna Wallach (Microsoft Research) presented a paper titled "Inferring Polyadic Events With Poisson Tensor Factorization" at the "Networks: From Graphs to Rich Data" workshop held as part of the Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation (NIPS 2014) conference in Montreal, […]

Over 100 New GKG Themes Added

You may have noticed the appearance over the last few weeks of over 100 new themes that we've added to the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph in the leadup to the release of GKG 2.0.  These range from economic indicators like price gouging and the price of heating oil to infrastructure topics like the construction of new power generation […]

Infectious Disease Mapping and Early Warning with GDELT

The ebola outbreak of the past year has intensified interest in early warning and situational awareness mapping of infectious disease across the world.  From its inception, the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph has included mentions of major infectious diseases, including ebola, which has been used for Kalev's Foreign Policy columns on ebola early warning and domestic media coverage of the ebola […]

Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science (CNS) Center IV MOOC

We are excited to announce that GDELT has been accepted as a "client" of the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science (CNS) Center IV MOOC taught by Indiana University at Bloomington.  We're excited to see the kinds of visualizations and analyses that students in the course are able to develop with GDELT!

Winners of Romanian BigData/DataScience Contest on GDELT

This past September the Big Data / Data Science Meetup in Cluj-Napoca, Romania held a workshop titled “How to think in MapReduce” that used GDELT to explore working with large datasets inside of Apache Hadoop.  In November they hosted their first BigData/DataScience Contest asking meetup participants “to take these GDELT datasets and to do crazy things with them.” […]