Spinmeisters Of Russia: Dylan Mulvaney & Gender In the US & Europe

Russian television covered the Bud Light / Dylan Mulvaney story today with a broader piece on gender in the US and Europe, part of a broader theme of presenting Russia as defender of "traditional" values and saving children against a decadent West:

… it turns out that American transgender people try to act as perverts in schools. It has already become the norm. In these frames, a fat bearded man. In a white dress, parents convince children that changing sex and being in strange relationships with a bunch of people of different genders is absolutely normal … This is not news from parallel reality, and from the city of Erna in the southwest of European Scotland, a little to the north in Oslo, Norway, lives this fifty-three-year-old analyst who always dreamed of being born a paralyzed woman, so now a completely healthy, careless man rides in a wheelchair and calls himself a disabled trans …

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