Visual Explorer: Nine Months Of Russia 1 & Russia 24 Translated Into English

Russian television news channels Russia 1 and Russia 24 offer a unique lens into how the Russian government is narrating its invasion of Ukraine to its domestic audience, playing host to some of the highest-visibility domestic propaganda programming like 60 Minutes that frequently break international news with their pronouncements, interviews and narrations. The Internet Archive's Television News Archive has been monitoring Russia 1 since March 26, 2022 and Russia 24 since April 25, 2022 as part of its Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian TV News Archive, compiling nearly nine months of continuous coverage of the two channels, other than a few brief outages.

Today we are tremendously excited to announce that the complete nine-month archive of broadcasts from these two channels have been machine translated into English via Google's Cloud Speech-to-Text API and Cloud Translation API. This process is 100% automated with no human correction, but offers what we believe is the first accessible machine translated archive of these two central channels for scholars and journalists to study how Russia's domestic narratives and portrayal of the invasion have evolved over the past year.

This new machine translated transcript archive joins the November & December 2022 archive of all broadcasts monitored by the TV News Archive from 1TV, NTV, Russia 1, Russia 24, Espreso and BelarusTV!

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