Spinmeisters Of Russia: "The Bone Collector" & Russia's Promoted Narrative Of An American Mercenary In Ukraine

Russian domestic media is a world filled to the brim with parallel narratives, some crafted domestically and others sourced from the furthest fringes of the internet in search of anything to advance the story of Russia. On December 7th, yet another of these strange stories surfaced – this one sourced from a website called "Global News" that purports to tell the story of an American mercenary fighting for Ukraine who collects the bones of Russian soldiers:

A dark story worthy of a horror movie Characteristic from the material of the Global News publication in an American mercenary in the ranks of the Armed Forces, his name is Robert Manuel Martinez Werthman , a US citizen with Mexican roots in his time. Decided to support me his Nazis on Ukraine What a lot of people write about on social networks, but according to Global News, the biography of the mercenary is not at all like the usual stories of other so -called Soldiers of Fortune who are sent abroad. In this case, hatred of the Russians, which are cultivated among such characters, has grown into real cannibalism. For example, Martinez does not hesitate to sell some military souvenirs, including selling the uniform of the Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces whom he allegedly personally killed, which is surprising for those who want to buy such really is however for clients with unhealthy mentality. The mercenary has even more terrible proposals. Whom the Kiev regime is recruiting into its ranks will now be told by Anton Podkovenko. This maniac stands out even against the backdrop of the panopticon of foreign mercenaries who are now fighting for Kiev in the werthman Robert Manuel Martinez an American with Mexican roots a resident of California a former US Army Marine the Latin American edition of Global News found out everything about him journalists naturally came to Horror , they actually write Martinez as Nazis makes what he calls bone souvenirs. There are photographs of Russian soldiers. These rings are written by him in 120 pieces. Wertman is going to sell the rings or put them up for auction online, and it’s immediately clear for whom the wolfsangel is wearing them, the Nazi wolf hook, the symbolism of Azov, banned in Russia, is a psychopathology of this type of personality. Uh, able to, uh, cut bones not only from the enemy, but also from his girlfriend, if she falls under his arm in a bad mood. Wertman has been at war with Russia in the Kherson direction since February he joined the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces, and before that, from 15 to 19, he served in the US Marine Corps with any watercolors on the raincoat. Now it's not very difficult. Well, for obvious reasons. Yes, they take everyone. Well, here, how a person with this got into the American army is not clear, yes, that is, there are medical commissions with her, people who people exist. Yes, because military psychiatrists somehow let him through. Verton still sells all these uniforms, as he says, of the Russian soldier he killed. Here is his post, there is even a price tag. And here is the drawing that Werthman found after searching the body and He is also selling it. It is the Vulture who writes in social networks that he hates Russians, that they intend to continue collecting Bones and skulls of dead soldiers, that he wants to bring a taxidermist to Ukraine to support his project, that is, he is like a business perverted fantasy, maniac. By the way, he also writes that sending such items, like those same bone rings, is not punished by the laws of the United States, like here Third Reich not to remember. We know from the experience of Nazi Germany about the history of the so-called buchema of the Buchenwale witch or tongues, who was the wife of the commandant of a concentration camp, Buchenwald Maidan made prisoners out of prisoners , disassembled prisoners, made lampshades out of them. It was streamlined. That is here. Uh, the parallel is quite obvious Vertman, back in March. Posted a photo with the chevron of the SS division dead head on the forum of the Mexican interpretation of fascist symbols, a recognizable skull in a wide-brimmed hat another photo with a shotgun at the ready. And what a Characteristic Nick he has Panchito Waffen And here he is with his comrades-in-arms, so to speak, everything is like cheap horror characters And vertman is not at all far from the first monster in the ranks of the so-called Zelensky International Legion , confessed to the brutal massacre of a Russian soldier there is an audio recording Ukraine invites such people not only sadistic psychopaths adherents of all kinds of exotic cults, these are the people who are the norm for modern Ukraine That's about these devil worshipers. Back in the spring, we told the PMC a group of advanced observations. They have satanic flags, symbols and with the image of a canoe there is such a club of war criminals. Uh, canoe means a cracking skull, shot in the back of the head of a prisoner. It's strange that the maniac vertman is not yet in this PMC. And that he is still alive in general, however, there will be enough calibers for all these monsters.

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This analysis is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Internet Archive and its TV News Archive, the multi-party Media-Data Research Consortium and GDELT.