Visual Explorer: All Of December 2022 Belarusian, Russian & Ukrainian Broadcasts Translated Into English

We are immensely excited to announce that to ring in the new year, we have completed translation into English of all December 2022 broadcasts from 1TV, NTV, Russia 1, Russia 24, Espreso and BelarusTV! The transcripts for of these broadcasts will now appear in the Visual Explorer in English!

Transcripts are machine generated via Google's Cloud Speech-to-Text API and then machine translated via Google's Cloud Translation API. This process is 100% automated with no human correction.

While machine transcription and translation of television news has existed in commercial form for several decades, access to such systems has been extremely limited and required elaborate proprietary infrastructure. In contrast, the Visual Explorer's model showcases what is now possible in the modern AI-first cloud, with a complete end-to-end transcription and translation system for television built simply by connecting off-the-shelf APIs together in creative ways and coupled with a user interface that reimagines how we interact with the traditionally linear world of video.

The end result represents a reimagination of the future of how we search and understand television news from across the world and our ability to use AI to reach across the world's languages and quite literally see our planet through the eyes of the world.

Launch Visual Explorer.