GDELT 3.0 Coming Soon

We are enormously excited to announce that GDELT 3.0 is at long last in the early stages of rolling out! Over the last two weeks the Global Difference Graph and Visual Global Knowledge Graph have transitioned to the incredible new GDELT 3.0 infrastructure. Over the coming weeks GDELT's core web monitoring and processing infrastructures will at long last be transitioning in phases over to the new infrastructure! The transformative capabilities of the new GDELT 3.0 infrastructure will be reflected in an incredible array of new capabilities and features being announced over the coming weeks, so keep an eye on this blog and sign up for our semi-weekly email newsletter for regular updates!

Remember that GDELT 2.0 datasets will continue indefinitely in their exact present form, updating every 15 minutes as before in the exact same file format. Your existing GDELT 2.0 workflows will see absolutely no difference other than a wealth of new outlets being monitored, minimal latency between article publication and monitoring and new supported languages. There will be no changes to the file format, file location, delivery schedule or any other breaking changes. You will not need to make a single change in your own code, the GDELT 2.0 datasets will continue to update every 15 minutes in the exact same file format, but benefiting from the robust new globally distributed infrastructure powering GDELT 3.0.

For those desiring faster updates and more modern file formats, both the Event and Global Knowledge Graph datasets will become available in new JSON-formatted files updated every minute, but the existing 2.0 datasets will continue to update every 15 minutes in their present file format so you don't have to make any changes!

We are so incredibly excited to welcome GDELT 3.0 over the coming weeks and cannot wait to see what kinds of new applications it enables!