Cataloging The Evolving Journalism Landscape

Over the years we have explored the ways in which the journalism landscape is changing in myriad ways, from the evolution of new forms of journalism like the Drudge Report to the shift to digital publishing to the growing ephemerality of the news, which in turn led us to join the Internet Archive's "No More 404" initiative just under a decade ago to provide them a live feed of all of the online news coverage we monitor worldwide.

GDELT's datasets offer myriad lenses onto the ways in which the journalism landscape is changing, from how journalism is using metadata via the Global Embedded Metadata Graph (GEMG) and the rise and fall of separate mobile-optimized sites as the web moved to responsive design, to the shifts in how imagery are used, including the rise of header imagery via the Visual Global Knowledge Graph (VGKG), to how journalism uses metadata in news imagery via the VGKG's EXIF, IPTC and XMP compilation, to the rise of "stealth editing" and shift towards treating online journalism more like blogging than the immutable records of the past via the Global Difference Graph (GDG), to topical and linguistic shifts via the Web NGrams 3.0 dataset, to our myriad television news datasets and tools like the TV News Visual Explorer.

We'd love to talk with media scholars interested in these kinds of questions and to learn the kinds of datasets that would be of greatest assistant to your work!