World Congress Of Science & Factual Producers: Big Data, Big Stories

Kalev will be speaking at the 2020 World Congress Of Science & Factual Producers in a talk titled "Big Data, Big Stories" Other speakers include such luminaries as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Sanjay Gupta and myriad more! He'll be showcasing how massive data and computing power can be used to uncover the world's hidden stories and to tell stories new and old in entirely new ways:

Described as a “superstar” in the emerging scientific field of big data, Dr. Kalev Leetaru digs deep to find a goldmine of hidden information that can identify trends and forecast long-term global shifts. His powerful computing tools can predict significant developments from the spread of pandemics to the growing international scourge of wildlife crime.   Find out how producers can use digital data to understand world events and find the next big story. 

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