World Bank Group Topical Taxonomy Now in GKG

We're excited to announce today that with the support of the World Bank Group we have incorporated the entire World Bank Group Topical Taxonomy, consisting of over 2,198 entries, into the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph 2.0!  The World Bank Group's taxonomy covers an incredible range of subjects, from Agriculture & Food Security to Education, Fragility to Gender, Health to Social Development, Urban Development to Water issues.  You can browse the entire taxonomy to get a better feel for its breadth.

Each topic now appears in the GKG 2.0 Themes list in form "WB_1234_XYZ", where "1234" is the topic's numeric unique identifier and "XYZ" is its human-readable label.  Thus, topic 345 ("Sovereign Wealth Funds") would appear in the GKG 2.0 Themes list as "WB_345_SOVEREIGN_WEALTH_FUNDS".  Using the copy of GDELT 2.0's GKG 2.0 that resides in Google BigQuery, a query like "SELECT DocumentIdentifier, V2Themes FROM [gdelt-bq:gdeltv2.gkg]  where V2Themes like '%WB_345_%' order by DATE desc limit 100;" will return the most recent 100 documents across all 65 languages monitored by GDELT that mention sovereign wealth funds.

We're incredibly excited to see what you're able to do with this amazingly rich taxonomy applied to the world's news in realtime!