Wolfram Data Summit 2015: Planetary Scale Computing

Kalev will be speaking at the 2015 Wolfram Data Summit, presenting "Quantifying, Visualizing, and Forecasting Global Human Society: What it Looks Like To Compute on the Entire Planet."  The Wolfram Data Summit is:

A high-level gathering of innovators in data science, creators of connected devices, and leaders of major data repositories.  Established as a forum for leaders of the world's great data repositories, the Wolfram Data Summit has become an annual event for those interested in the latest innovations in data and data science. The Summit delivers big ideas, challenging debates, and unparalleled opportunities to meet and exchange insights with notable participants representing a broad spectrum of interests and industries.

Kalev's talk will explore the latest developments in GDELT and how it is being used around the world:

What happens when massive computing power brings together all the world’s information in realtime, from news media to social media, books to academic literature, the world’s libraries to the web itself, machine translates all of that material, and applies algorithms to identify the events and emotions, actors and narratives and their myriad connections that define the planet moment by moment to create a living silicon replica of global society?  The GDELT Project (http://gdeltproject.org/) provides a first glimpse at what this emerging “big data” understanding of society looks like, live-translating the world’s local media across 65 languages and combining it with academic literature and the open web to identify the planet’s events, counts, quotes, people, organizations, locations, 4,500 emotions and themes, imagery, video, and social posts, creating a massive realtime global graph over Earth.  Used by governments, NGOs, scholars, journalists, and ordinary citizens across the world to identify breaking situations, map evolving conflicts, model the undercurrents of unrest, explore the flow of ideas and narratives across borders, and even forecast future unrest, the GDELT Project constructs a realtime global catalog of behavior and beliefs across every country, connecting the world’s information into a single massive ever-evolving realtime network capturing what's happening around the world, what its context is and who's involved, and how the world is feeling about it, every single day.  Here’s what it looks like to conduct data analytics at a truly planetary scale.