Visually Searching A Decade Of Television Evening News Through AI: The AI Television Explorer Debuts!

We are enormously excited today to announce the debut of the AI Television Explorer, a prototype of a future in which we can leverage the power of AI to move beyond the textual keyword search that has dominated our digital access to information for more than half a century and for the first time visually search a decade of television evening news through computer vision.

Through the power of Google's Cloud Video API, for the first time you can now visually search a decade of television evening news broadcasts on ABC, CBS and NBC, along with the entirety of CNN from January 25, 2020 to present that has been non-consumptively analyzed from the Internet Archive's Television News Archive in a secure research environment. What does television news look like through the eyes of AI? What new kinds of analyses become possible when we can search what is seen on television in addition to what is said?

This new interactive search tool allows you to interactively query a decade of evening news broadcasts and a month of CNN through computer vision analysis of the objects and activities depicted onscreen, OCR of all onscreen text, automatic speech recognition-generated computerized transcripts, the original station-provided human-generated closed captioning and a semantic topical analysis of that captioning through Google's Cloud Natural Language API that allows you to abstract away from the literal spoken words to the high-order topics and events they describe.

The AI Television Explorer offers a glimpse into the future of visual and video search. More than 400 million annotations across more than 9,000 broadcasts totaling 21 million seconds of airtime are searchable here in realtime, with volume timelines, streamgraphs, station charts, word clouds and visual galleries, along with direct links out to all of the matching clips on the TV News Archive's site.

To get you started here are some example searches.

Visual Searches

Onscreen Text Searches

Closed Captioning Searches


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