Visual Explorer: Automatic Transcriptions Now Live In Visual Explorer For Belarusian, Russian And Ukrainian TV News

We are tremendously excited to announce today that automated Russian and Ukrainian language transcripts for all broadcasts airing on Belarus24, Espreso, 1TV, NTV, Russia 1 and Russia 24 are now available in the Visual Explorer within 30-45 minutes of the Internet Archive's Television News Archive adding a show to its archive! Using Google's Speech-to-Text (STT) API, we generate fully automated transcripts of each broadcast which are then displayed inline in the Visual Explorer along the right-hand side of the thumbnail grid and when clicking on any thumbnail to play the video clip. Combined with Google Chrome's built-in "Translate into English" Google Translate integration, Chrome users can automatically translate these broadcasts into English or any other language in-browser, making these broadcasts accessible to non-Russian and Ukrainian speakers for the first time!

As soon as a broadcast completes, the Internet Archive processes it into its archive, performing a number of tasks such as deriving the source video into an MPEG4 surrogate. Our television processing pipeline currently operates on a 10 minute heartbeat. Within 10 minutes of the Archive completing processing of a broadcast from these six channels, we ingest the MPEG4 file and within 10 minutes after that we run it through Google's Speech-to-Text (STT) API, which takes around 1-2 minutes for a typical broadcast, which is then picked up in our next 10 minute heartbeat and processed into a final consumable transcript ready for display in the Visual Explorer. Thus, 30 minutes after the Archive completes processing of a video, we have it transcribed and ready for display in most cases!

View Transcribed Channels In Visual Explorer.