Visual Explorer: 42,000 Automatically Transcribed Russian & Ukrainian Television News Broadcasts Totaling 2.1GB Of Spoken Words

In collaboration with the Internet Archive's Television News Archive, this past June we unveiled the Visual Explorer alongside the Archive's massive new archive of Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian television news chronicling Russia's invasion of Ukraine that allows journalists and scholars to understand and report on the narratives being used to describe the war. Using Google's Speech-to-Text API, all 42,000 broadcasts to date across 1TV, NTV and Russia 1 (March 26 to present), Russia 24 and Espreso (April 25th to present) and Belarus24 (May 16th to present) have been automatically transcribed, resulting in more than 2.1GB of complete automatic transcripts, all available for download and at-scale content analysis and data mining by journalists and scholars around the world.

We are immensely excited about the potential of this vast new archive to enable advanced forms of spoken word narrative analysis to go along with the Visual Explorer's Visual NGrams that support visual narrative analysis!

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