Using The Global Relationship Graph To Examine Claims About Covid-19 Vaccination And Infertility Or Bell's Palsy

Using the Global Relationship Graph's (GRG) Realtime Verb-Centered NGram Pilot, what can we learn about claims in English language media coverage about links between Covid-19 vaccinations and infertility or Bell's Palsy?

The query below searches across the GRG, which today totals more than 850M relationships across English language news coverage dating back to October 27, 2020:

WITH data AS (select date, pre, verb, post, urls[offset(0)].url url, urls[offset(0)].title title, LOWER(CONCAT(pre, ' ', verb, ' ', post)) search from `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.grg_vcn` WHERE DATE(date) >= "2020-01-01")
select date, pre, verb, post, url, title from data where ( search like '%vaccin%' ) and ( search like '%fertility%' OR search like '%infertile%' OR search like '%bells palsy%' OR search like '%bell\'s palsy%')

Using this query we find 1,391 results.