Using The Global Quotation Graph To Examine Statements About Covid-19 Vaccination And Infertility Or Bell's Palsy

Using the Global Quotation Graph (GQG), what can we learn about public statements quoted in English language online media about links between Covid-19 vaccinations and infertility or Bell's Palsy?

The query below searches across the quote itself and the text immediately before and after it, searching the English portion of the full GQG, which totals 164 million quoted statements across 152 languages spanning January 1, 2020 through present:

WITH data AS (select url, title, quotes.pre pre, quotes.quote quote, post, LOWER(CONCAT(pre, ' ', quote, ' ', post)) search FROM `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.gqg`, UNNEST(quotes) quotes WHERE DATE(date) >= "2020-02-01" and lang='ENGLISH')
SELECT min(url) url, min(title) title, max(pre) pre, quote quote, max(post) post, count(1) count FROM data where
( search like '%vaccin%' ) and ( search like '%fertility%' OR search like '%infertile%' OR search like '%bells palsy%' OR search like '%bell\'s palsy%')
group by quote order by count desc

Using this query we find 427 results.