Using The GKG To Compile The Top CDC & WHO Pages Linked To In The News

The CDC and WHO websites are frequently linked to in news articles as authoritative sources for information about Covid-19. But which pages on their sites are receiving the most attention? Using theĀ Global Knowledge Graph (GKG)'s outlinks data, captured since April 2016, it requires just a single SQL query to search all of the outlinks found in the body text of each article this year to compile a master ranked list of all those outlinks:

SELECT Link, COUNT(1) CNT FROM `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.gkg_partitioned`, UNNEST(SPLIT(REGEXP_EXTRACT(Extras, r'<PAGE_LINKS>(.*?)</PAGE_LINKS>'), ';')) Link WHERE 
( LOWER(NET.REG_DOMAIN(Link)) = '' OR LOWER(NET.REG_DOMAIN(Link)) = '') and DATE(_PARTITIONTIME) >= "2020-01-01" group by Link order by CNT desc

The final spreadsheet can be downloaded here.