TV Visual Explorer: New Optimized Thumbnailing For Inventory Pages

In inventory mode, the TV Visual Explorer displays all available shows for a given day, listing each show's title (if available via EPG) and a thumbnail image giving a sense of the broadcast. Depending on the channel, program length and deriving pressure, each broadcast can have one of two different thumbnails available for it. The default thumbnail used by the Explorer is the Archive's optimized embedding thumbnail, which is highly compressed with reduced dimensions designed for optimal embedding. These thumbnails are often not generated until later in the deriving process and are not available at all for some broadcasts, which historically yielded a broken image error in the Explorer. As of today we now automatically fall back to the first available full-resolution preview image for each broadcast as its thumbnail.

Thus, by default the page should load as usual, with thumbnails loading relatively quickly. However, now instead of displaying a broken image for missing thumbnails, the Explorer will now automatically retry each one by attempting to substitute its first available full-resolution preview image. This may result in a few cases where one thumbnail appears larger or with slightly different dimensions than the others or takes longer to load, but should eliminate all broken images on the inventory pages now!

Launch TV Visual Explorer.