Tracking Military Imagery Trends Over A Year Of Russia TV News' 60 Minutes

In collaboration with the Internet Archive's TV News Archive we unveiled a new analysis earlier this morning in which we used YOLOv8's pretrained image classifier model to catalog a year of Russia 1's "60 Minutes" news program to chart the percentage of its daily airtime each day over the past year has depicted military-related imagery. The end result (using a 5-day rolling average to smooth the data) shows a powerful inverted curve: during the data's start in mid-May 2022, more than a quarter of 60 Minutes' daily airtime revolved around military imagery. This declined steadily through mid-August and remained level until early December 2022. It began climbing from mid-December 2022 through early this month, but has leveled off again and begun actually declining.

You can see more detail in our full writeup.