The Twitter Files: Fox News Mentions 790 Times Compared To Just 18 Times On CNN & 19 Times On MSNBC

Most of the news landscape has shown little interest or even outright dismissed the "Twitter Files." Looking at television news, Fox News has been covering the story heavily, while CNN and MSNBC have almost entirely ignored it. A closer look at the data shows just how deafening the silence has been in the mainstream media.

The timeline below shows total daily mentions across CNN, MSNBC and Fox News from December 2nd through midday today. Fox News has maintained steady coverage on the story, while CNN and MSNBC have barely mentioned it at all.

In fact, Fox News has mentioned the story 790 times, compared with just 18 times on CNN and just 19 on MSNBC.

Looking at the total seconds of airtime in which the phrase "Twitter Files" or Taibbi's or Weiss' names appeared anywhere in the onscreen text (through midday today), an identical picture emerges:

To date, Fox News has displayed the story in the onscreen text a total of 32,000 seconds (535 minutes / 8.9 hours) versus 11.4 minutes for CNN and just 8.4 minutes for MSNBC.