Spinmeisters Of Russia: An American Priest Who Fled The US For Russia & Bonus Story Of American Satanism

This past Sunday, the state-sponsored Russia-24 TV network aired a 42-minute program featuring an American Orthodox priest, Joseph Gleason, who moved to Russia in 2017 with his wife and eight children. He recounts in the program how he left the U.S. because he felt it was morally corrupt and anti-Christian, citing tolerance for both same-sex marriages and gender fluidity in adults and children. Gleason claims that the U.S. wants to force the world, including Russia, to adopt similar policies. He also offers historical justifications for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Gleason claims the West does not care about the Ukrainians, but rather wants Slavs and Eastern European Christians to die. He notes with pride that he became a Russian citizen this year on February 24th, the day Russia launched its most recent invasion of Ukraine.

Gleason’s diatribes against western tolerance for LGBTQ people and anti-Christian values are accompanied by TV news footage of Pride parades and street crimes. The program’s host concludes the special by observing the U.S. has declared itself home to Satanism by presenting a 3-minute excerpt of a FOX News December 15 segment of Jesse Watters Primetime discussing an American school hosting an after school Satan Club and an interview with a Satanic Temple spokesperson.

The special is spread over two sequential half hours:

After school Satanic club in U.S. school from December 15, 2022:

Tucker Carlson excerpts from Jesse Watters Primetime ( FOX News December 15, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST) segment from which Russia-24 excerpts were drawn:


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