Russian Media Really Loves Fox News: 26 Minutes Of Fox News Aired Across 5 Channels In A Single Day Last Week

Yesterday we demonstrated using Google's Cloud Vision API to scan the complete airtime of 1TV, NTV, Russia 1, Russia 24 and Russia Today from September 28, 2022 and catalog all logos it was able to identify across all of that footage. In all, the API identified just 8 images with the CNN logo, but 391 images with the Fox News logo.

Recall that the Visual Explorer works by extracting one frame every 4 seconds through each broadcast. Thus, each image essentially represents 4 seconds of airtime. (Of course, since it is only a single frame every 4 seconds, a logo that appears for just a second in between two samples will be missed and a logo that appears for just an instant exactly at a 4 second mark would be included). However, despite these limitations, a rough estimate of total airtime in which a logo appears is simply to multiply the number of matching images by 4.

Thus, given that the API identified 391 images with the Fox News logo, as much as 391 * 4 = 1,564 seconds (26 minutes of airtime) across those five Russian channels featured Fox News clips on that day. That is an extraordinary amount of airtime for a foreign television channel to be broadcast to the domestic Russian audience on a single day.

Further research is required to see whether September 28th was unusual in its density of Fox News clips or whether such high visibility is a daily occurrence, but at the very least it shows just how much attention Fox News can receive on Russian media.