Nature Scientific Reports: Improving Urban Flood Resilience Via GDELT GKG Analyses In China's Sponge Cities

Urban floods are the most severe disaster in most Chinese cities due to rapid urbanisation and climate challenges. Recently, media data analytics has become prominent in enhancing urban flood resilience. In this study, news media data from the GKG of the GDELT project was innovatively used to examine the pattern of news media responses towards urban flooding in China's Sponge City Programme (SCP) pilot cities. We find that public sentiments toward urban flood events have been more positive in SCP pilot cities from 2015 to 2021. News media responses towards urban floods exhibit strong seasonality, which is significantly connected with rainfall patterns. Most of the media articles were posted during the urban flood event. Finally, we suggest the opportunities and challenges in applying GKG data analytics and new technologies for urban flood resilience. The results can provide beneficial references to urban flood management strategies in China's Sponge Cities for associated policymakers and stakeholders.

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