National Academies Keck Grants on Government Dashboards and Learning in Medicine

GDELT creator Kalev Leetaru will be in Chicago on August 22nd for the mid-cycle progress update meeting for grant awardees of the 2012  National Academies Keck Futures Initiative – The Informed Brain in a Digital World.   Kalev is Principle Investigator of "Your Brain on Dashboards: Data & Decisions," with Anthony Olcott, which focuses on how the concept of the dashboard is reshaping governmental decision making, and is Co-PI with Debra Weiner of Harvard University and Wei Lu of the University of Michigan, of "Lifelong Learning Locker, Life-Sciences Linker: Adaptive Learning, Content Management, Framework for Lifelong Learning and to Promote Innovation and Research Collaboration," which focuses on how medical education of the nation's future doctors can be reshaped using more intelligent teaching spaces that automatically adapt to the unique learning style and needs of each student.