Little Change In Total Daily Words Spoken On CNN During Covid-19

One of the metrics we track in theĀ Visual Global Entity Graph (VGEG) 2.0 using Google's Cloud Video API to analyze CNN's television news programming in collaboration with the Internet Archive's Television News Archive is the total number of words spoken each day using automatic speech recognition (ASR).

The timeline below shows the total number of words spoken per day since Jan. 25, showing little change as Covid-19's impacts intensified and the station began relying more heavily on remote video connections for its guests and even some of its own personalities.



Computing the timeline above took just a single SQL query in BigQuery:

SELECT DATE(date) day, sum( numOCRChars ) ocrcount, sum( numSpeakerChanges ) speakercount, sum( numSpokenWords) totalwords, sum( numDistinctEntities) totalentities, sum( numDistinctPresenceEntities) totalpresenceentities FROM `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.vgegv2_iatv` WHERE station='CNN' and DATE(date) >= "2020-01-25" group by day order by day asc