How The Invasion Of Ukraine Is Being Mapped On Russian Television News

The map at the top of this page offers a fascinating glimpse at the ways in which Russian television news is presenting its invasion of Ukraine to the Russian public. This particular map comes from 1TV on March 26, 2022 at 5:57AM MSK.

Take the image above, save it to your computer and run it through the Cloud Vision API demo page to get a transcription of its text. The legend is transcribed as:

  • Скопление сил ВСУ
  • Зона боевых действий
  • Подконтрольная территория и направление наступления ВС РФ
  • Идут бои
  • Населённый пункт под контролем ВС РФ
  • Блокированный населённый пункт

Google Translate translates these to:

  • The accumulation of forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • war zone
  • Territory under control and direction of attack of the RF Armed Forces
  • There are fights
  • Settlement under the control of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
  • Blocked town

At the bottom right, the credit line is "ПО ДАННЫМ ОТКРЫТЫХ ИСТОЧНИКОВ, 24 МАРТА 2022" which translates to "ACCORDING TO OPEN SOURCES, MARCH 24, 2022."

Understanding how the invasion of Ukraine is being presented to the domestic Russian audience offers crucial insights into the internal narratives it is using to attempt to build and sustain public support for the war.