GDELT Summary Interface Updates

One of the goals of the new GDELT Summary platform is to better understand how to translate GDELT's immense power and the incredibly rich realtime picture it captures of planet earth into something that offers a readily accessible snapshot of global events and narratives without the need for programming experience.

From the beginning we designed Summary to be fully mobile optimized on both phone and tablet devices, but one of the key areas of feedback we've heard from all of you is that the textual descriptions on both the search and results pages were taking up too much of the limited screen real estate when using Summary on mobile devices and that, while having the lengthy textual descriptions were useful to understand how to use some of the unique options when first using Summary, they were redundant after a few uses.

Several weeks ago we tested an update to the Summary interface that included a link at the top of the screen that let you show/hide all of the descriptions with a single click and this proved to be extremely popular with users and in fact became a default setting for most.

Based on extensive conversations and testing over the past month we've released a new version of the Summary interface today that integrates all of this great feedback you've given us. There are a number of subtle tweaks, but the biggest change you'll notice is that all of the textual descriptions are now hidden by default and you can click the blue information icon at the top right of every input option or display to view the full description of it.

The new interface is now much more streamlined when viewing on mobile devices, making it possible to deep dive into coverage even on the go!