DOC & GEO 2.0 API Updates: Full Year Searching And More!

We're excited to announce today a massive upgrade to our DOC and GEO 2.0 API platforms! The DOC 2.0 API can now search up to the past year of coverage, while the GEO 2.0 API can now search up to the previous full week of coverage. By default both APIs still search the same timeframes (3 months for the DOC 2.0 API and 24 hours for the GEO 2.0 API) , but by setting the TIMESPAN parameter or the start/end dates of the search window, you can search up to the past full year of coverage for the DOC 2.0 API and 7 days for the GEO 2.0 API!

In short, just add "&timespan=1y" to the URL of any DOC 2.0 API search or "&timespan=7d" to the URL of any GEO 2.0 API search to leverage the new time horizons!

This latest update also removes the formerly depreciated native language search and textual word clouds which were not being widely used. Their removal has allowed us to rearchitect how we handle search and over this spring we will be releasing a number of powerful new updates!

In the six months since the 2.0 APIs debuted, they've become incredibly popular interfaces to GDELT and the number one request across the board has been extending the search horizon to a full year, so we are tremendously excited to see what you are able to do with this new capability! Happy searching!