GDELT Summary Chyron Browser Debuts!

Last month we announced our new research chyrons dataset, created by reprocessing the Internet Archive's "Third Eye" OCR using a specialized workflow that makes use of edit distance clustering and language models to reconstruct the most complete and accurate minute-by-minute chyron chronology possible from the Archive's data for each day on BBC News, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

One of the files created as part of this chyrons dataset is a tabular HTML interface showing the chyrons for the four stations side-by-side by minute for each day.

Today we are excited to announce that these daily summaries have been combined into GDELT Summary in a new Chyron Browser interface that lets you select a date from a dropdown and instantly display the chyron chronology for that day.

This new interface should greatly increase the accessibility of the chyrons!

Launch Chyron Browser