Detry, Lopo & Hogenraad Portuguese Emotion & Pro-Social Available in GCAM

We're excited that Brigitte Detry, Teresa Lopo and Robert Hogenraad's Portuguese dictionary of affective values is now available in GCAM.

When using these dimensions, please cite as:

  • Detry, B., Lopo, T., & Hogenraad, R. (1992). Relatorio final. Projecto:"Valores afectivo e pro-social de 1040 palavras da lingua portuguesa: Para a constru├žao de indicadores do discurso educativo". Instituto de Inova├žao Educacional.

Two dimensions are available:

  • Emotion (Unpleasant-Pleasant) (range 10 to 70)
  • Pro-Social (Weak-Strong) (range 10 to 70)