Data Science For Social Good: Mining And Visualizing Worldwide News To Monitor Xenophobic Violence Towards Migrants And Refugees

Michele C. Weigle and Erika Frydenlund, Data Science for Social Good: Mining and Visualizing Worldwide News to Monitor Xenophobic Violence Towards Migrants and Refugees, ODU Data Science Seed Funding: Monitoring the prevalence of xenophobic violence towards migrants and refugees is an important requirement for policymakers to provide support and resources to the areas most in need. Previous approaches have largely involved manual curation of news articles and data or have been focused on a specific location. We will mine the GDELT worldwide news database to develop a dynamically updated visualization dashboard to monitor and highlight reports of xenophobic violence globally. Coupled with publicly available population data, this work can assist policymakers in making informed decisions about the allocation of resources and support. This work will bring together big data from GDELT with innovative data visualizations to highlight how data science can be applied to address real-world problems.

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