Coming Soon: GDELT 5

We are excited to announce that GDELT 5.0 will be launching this summer. GDELT 5.0 represents a complete reimagining of the underlying technical infrastructure and architectures that power GDELT, bringing it into the modern hyperscale cloud era and leveraging a wealth of GCP technologies to push the very boundaries of what is possible today in creating a truly planetary-scale digital twin of Earth.

GDELT 5.0's release will also bring to the forefront a wealth of research we've been doing on how to apply modern statistical, classical, generative and hybrid AI architectures to bear on understanding our planet through GDELT's massive realtime monitoring across text, still imagery, speech and video in more than 400 languages from every corner of the globe, including some incredibly exciting new architectures that blend these approaches to address generative AI's severe limitations in monitoring and reasoning applications, especially hallucination and provenance tracking. We'll also be demonstrating some new approaches we're using internally to expand the effective reasoning window of foundation models to scales beyond anything available today through new representative architectures that will transform the scales at which GDELT can be used to understand our world.

We can't wait to share with you what we've been working on.