CNN Mentions Death More Than 2.5x MSNBC And Fox News Combined This Year

Fox News received criticism yesterday for failing to devote substantial airtime to recent increases in Covid-19 deaths. Yet how does its lack of attention compare to its peers? The timeline below shows the total number of daily seconds of airtime across BBC News London, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News mentioning the words "death" or "deaths" or "dead" or "deceased" in the onscreen text since the start of this year. CNN's nearly 9 hours a day of death mentions come largely from its ever-present Covid-19 dashboard. Over the course of this year, Fox News has mentioned death around half as much as MSNBC, but CNN has mentioned death more than 2.5 times MSNBC and Fox News combined. In this regard, Fox News is not that much of an outlier from MSNBC. Meanwhile, BBC News has mentioned death just slightly more often than MSNBC.

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