Announcing The GDELT Summary Chyron Explorer

We're incredibly excited to announce the debut of the new GDELT Summary Chyron Explorer! Similar to the Television Explorer's closed captioning search, the new Chyron Explorer allows you to keyword search two and a half years of television news chyrons from BBC News, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, yielding timelines, station charts, word clouds and chyron displays, allowing you to fully delve into these previously inaccessible narratives using a reprocessed version of the Internet Archive Television News Archive's "Third Eye" OCR stream. You can also manually browse the chyrons for a given day using the new Chyron Browser.

Note that there is substantial OCR error in the chyrons and there are occasional brief outages of stations, but overall this new dashboard gives you a powerful look at the onscreen textual summaries that editorialize and guide our understanding of the news!

Launch Chyron Explorer