A Visualization of Protests in the Americas, 2007-2013

The global economic downturn, which began roughly in 2007, has sparked new debates on the future of global capitalism around the world. At the same time, new social media have begun to revolutionize – again – the ways in which people communicate across long distances. As the world is moving further into the 21st century, social inequality and unrest are as pressing as ever.

Envisioning the New Americas explores the development of social protests in the American hemisphere from 2007 to 2013. The fundamental question behind EtNA is, How do people in the Americas imagine their societies in the future – what do they protest for or against? What is the impact of globalization on protest cultures in the American hemisphere? And finally, what is new about protests across the Americas?

Take a look at this exciting project that used GDELT to explore trends and undercurrents in protests in the Americas 2007-2013!

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