A Dataset Of Resolved Outlinks From @realDonaldTrump Compiled From The Trump Twitter Archive

The Trump Twitter Archive is an incredible resource we've relied upon in the past to compile a list of @realDonaldTrump tweets appearing on television news and to examine their mainstream media amplification. When a URL is included as part of a tweet, it is automatically shortened by Twitter to an "https://t.co/" link. To determine where a link points to, one must resolve this shortened URL to the full original URL it points to.

For those interested in what external URLs @realDonaldTrump's tweets link to, we've resolved all 11,534 distinct shortened URLs appearing in the Trump Twitter Archive using a simple curl call to resolve each of them, waiting 10 seconds between each call (replace "[LINKCODE]" with the corresponding ID):

curl -s -o /dev/null --head -w "%{url_effective}\n" -L "https://t.co/[LINKCODE]"

You can download the final resolved link dataset below. Note that some resolved URLs point to login pages for platforms like Instagram that require a user to be logged in to access certain content, while some older tweets may point to older URL shorteners that are no longer in service, meaning those links are effectively orphaned.

We hope this dataset is useful for researchers analyzing the Trump Twitter Archive!