Wonkblog: CNN Loves Donald Trump, Fox Loves Hillary Clinton

Jim Tankersley at the Washington Post's Wonkblog used our live television tracker collaboration with the Internet Archive's Television News Archive to explore how much time each network is devoting to each candidate. The article appeared in print in a number of outlets including the Chicago Tribune (Dec. 31 / page 12), Baltimore Sun (Dec. 31 / page 13), Middletown Press (Jan. 1 / page 1), New Haven Register (Jan. 3 / page 5), Orlando Sentinel (Dec 31. / page 12), Sun Sentinel Broward Edition (Dec. 31 / page 5), Sun Sentinel Palm Beach Edition (Dec. 31 / page 5), and The Register Citizen (Jan. 1 / page 1), as well as online.

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