We're Starting To Talk About A 'Slowdown' Again

The word "slowdown" is typically used in an economic sense to indicate a stalling economy that is a harbinger of potential deeper economic malaise. How much use has the word been getting in the news?

The timeline below uses GDELT Summary to plot the density of the literal word "slowdown" by month over CNN, MSNBC and Fox News using the Internet Archive's Television News Archive from July 2009 to present.

Live Version.

Mentions of the word were prevalent throughout 2011 and early 2012, again in 2014/2015, but have been quiet since the start of 2016, but with a burst at the start of this year and a slow build through present, last month represented the most attention it has received on the three stations in the past decade.

Here is the graph for "slowing AND economy" showing a less pronounced jump but more stable transition towards increased discussion.

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