Visual Global Entity Graph 2.0: All Videos Reprocessed Using V1 "Builtin/Latest" Model

The original release of the The Visual Global Entity Graph 2.0 on February 3, 2020 featured videos processed under two different Google Cloud Video API models. Videos annotated November 2019 through January 29, 2020 (the majority of the collection) had been annotated using the "v1p3beta1" endpoint with the "builtin/stable" model and "stationarycamera" true, while those after were annotated using the "v1" endpoint with the "builtin/latest" model and "stationarycamera" set to false.  This created a discontinuity with some labels and behaviors showing profound changes across this boundary.

To address this, as of today we have replaced the original dataset, including the raw and processed JSON files and the BigQuery table with a new reprocessed dataset in which the entire set of videos were all annotated using the same "v1" endpoint with "builtin/latest" model and "stationarycamera" false. All videos have now been annotated using the exact same model, so results will be continuous over the complete decade-long collection of videos.